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How to input coordinates in Google Earth / maps

In case you want to enter a specific coordinate in Google Earth, it only requires typing in the search engine, with some rules to respect. It is a very practical output if you want to send someone via chat or email a coordinate which we wish to see

1.  The nomenclature of degrees

Google Earth uses a coordinate system in angular format type latlong, so it is required to be written in this way.

Remember that the order for this is “latitude, longitude.”

In the case of the northern hemisphere latitudes, we will have to write it in positive, in negative for southern hemisphere. In the case of longitude for the eastern hemisphere (from Greenwich to the other end of the world) will be positive and west, where we, the Hispanics, are will be negative.

2. In degrees, minutes y seconds

Let’s see this example:

45° 7′21.41,-123° 6′48.92

What is before the comma is the latitude, which some call “Y” although it is not so unless they were flat coordinates. What is on the right is the longitude or what would be called “X”.

It means that the coordinate is 45 degrees above the Equator, because it is positive and 123 degrees west from Greenwich, because it is negative. The seconds accept decimals, and you can omit the symbol. A common mistake is the minutes symbol, it must be use (‘), people often confuse it with the apostrophe and this will generate error (´).

If you have trouble finding the symbol, you can do a copy paste from this address that is here and just change the numbers.

3. In decimal degrees.

In this case, it does not require anything more than the number like


4. With NSEW bearing

It can also be written using the orientation option, as

45° 7′21.41 n, 123° 6′48.92 w

And the system will recognize it.

clip_image0025. Where to write it

In Google Earth case, in the left bar, it is recorded and then click on Search

In Google Maps case, in the top search engine, and then press the “Search” button.  Incidentally give a look at this curiosity, the coordinate we have been using for the exercise.

These are an F, an X and a question mark made with a plane, cars and people lying on the grass. According to the measures, they are to scale, what’s so impressive is that they knew that day would take an aerial photograph and have had to lie there for some time. Above is the firefox symbol marked on the grass, so we can assume what Fx has? … It means an abbreviation… what a way to advertise.

clip_image003Although if I were in another area of Mexico, I would say that it is a sign of drug traffickers, the plane belongs to the boss, car belongs to dealers and lying men have just being killed. Jeje


6. UTM Coordinates

I don’t think you can, you should convert them from geographical to flat utm, although last time we saw a tool that allows this task from Excel. And if a large amount of points is needed, it is best to do it by importing from an excel file type csv.

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