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How much is the software in this blog

More than two years writing about technology issues crazy, usually software and applications. Today I want to take to make an analysis of what it means to speak of software in the hope of forming an opinion, to highlight strengths and how they respond to income and words as Internet traffic generation.

Software entries that involve it visits that involve it produced income
AutoCAD 127 32,164 112.03
Microstation 115 2,991 7.64
ArcGIS 73 8,768 6.96
Google Earth 144 12,257 16.24
Manifold GIS 78 512 2.32
gvSIG 37 1,501 2.25
IntelliCAD 13 2,239 2.26
Virtual Earth 30 215 0.03
ArchiCAD 7 435 0.97
CadCorp 7 43 0.09
Mapinfo 7 295 0.30
Total 638 61,420 151.09


I consulted in Google Analytics, based on exactly the last 5 months, through consultation for inclusion by keyword and applying both the company name as the main software. The total numbers of visits from these keywords were 113,953 and a total of $320.02 come from keyword.



I have considered post entries or written based on the categories on the side panel, with the exception of Mapinfo, with which I had to rely on a quest through LiveWritter thus to date it does not make up a category.


Interestingly, the 61,420 mean 54% of total visits coming by search engines using keywords. This could mean that more than 50% of my visitors coming from Google are due to these 11 programs.


By comparing the total revenue coming from these 11 programs, against the total came by keywords, it is concluded that 47% come from there.

As for positioning, we can divide the visits with the number of post writings, this would give us the ability to respond with programs to traffic and this is the table.

AutoCAD has responded beyond what it has been talked about it, thanks to its popularity and sees that as a result, IntelliCAD response of a second. After goes ArcGIS followed by Google Earth to close the first four top.

It is curious how gvSIG in Hispanic environment is better positioned than Microstation. And look how Manifold GIS goes to the bottom along with Cadcorp, which means it is not good business to talk about little known software in terms of advertising revenue but is a gain to have the scoop.

Anyway, writing about software is one of the initial ideas for this blog. Find traffic has been good; scratching some money to AdSense advertising is useful but learn everyday something new… is very satisfactory.

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