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How do non-geomatics see the maps?

So a little distracting, this week 20minutos.es has published an article based on projections’ theme in a way a sixth grade’s teacher would explain it when talking clip_image001about world maps.

It’s worth taking a look at the comments, a pity – ironic- there are too many, but here I leave a few of them:

The way a journalist expresses about technical topics is no less curious.

For me, it’s a necessity somebody explain what a datum is.

And my toe is bigger than the sun!

I’ve checked it today!

Moral (a geodesic’s): If you see a map, don’t think what it says, but who has done so.

The world is more water than land, goodness, because other planets do not have this advantage and therefore is no life.

Nor the half of us did not know where Greenland is… 20 minutes, you ask for too much!

The truth is that Spain in geographical proportion is a shi* *.

If only it could be geographical….

The earth is three-dimensional and impossible to represent on a plane. Touch your bal…!

It is so impossible to represent that it has been represented since man is man. What a silly phrase!



I’m going to overtake other news, besides land is empty after pulling out all the oil, I hope nobody comes to mind taking an X-ray from the air because then, we’re going to get really scared.

What would newspapers do without Wikipedia?

Catch Google Earth and see more or less the proportions.

20 minutes, I’ll give you another exclusive for the publishing front: I think the Chinese have two amazing new inventions: one is a needle that always points North, and the other is a black dust that might burn without erupting, and when gets in a bag, very tight, bursts and can break things.

The best map is the clitoris’ map made by her Excellency Minister for equality (note the tone of sarcasm).

Do you have become Surveying Engineering?

Canary is not so close to Spain and so far to Brazil as it seems. In fact many years flights made this journey to cross the pond (Spanish Idiom: “cruzar el charco”, going to another place going across the sea).

Although it’s a geoid and those stuff, it can be represented in 2D with reliably safe, another thing is that no one understood how to deploy the map; but come on, I doubt that doing a 3D representation with measures’ “accuracy” it can not then be take off a plane with different cuts and gathered:

So my clitoris is not deformed, that’s what I see in my clitoris –map, because it is not flat… what quiet I stayed!

Of the few good things I’ve found in Buzz, via George, (not the one of the prize) :).

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