Honduras maps on GPS

I found them in the Honduras technology fair, in its third edition at the time they were showing a cute girl their products.

I mean Navhn, which innovates in an issue that as it is the case with technologies… here come 4 years later that at United States. Its services are based on at least two lines:


1. Navigation systems

They distribute different browsers, including Garmin, applications for navigation on PDA or laptop. It is so far the first company in Honduras which distributes a map for GPS, which assure to get most of the major cities with their main points of interest.

For now they are installing the map for $ 100 but its usual cost is $ 200 and if an institution wants to be inside the map, they are handling a promotion of $ 20 one-time payment; then expect to add popup window options so you can enter more data, hyperlink to a website and images.

Although in these countries is not of frequent use, trend is there and is a very good solution for tourists traveling to Honduras. Until now it has a lot of tourist destinations and its associated services such as hotels, restaurants and entertainment spots.

2. Map of Honduras

Besides the map for mobile devices, also have a map on the web built on Geoserver where they are currently promoting the 10 Natural wonders of Honduras. It is possible that eventually lead it to a mobile version allowing deploying it from a mobile phone.

They are also building a users community to share maps and geographic information … and is not bad to be aware of this site as it often has interesting promotions.

Ah, I forgot, here is the spectacle of girl to whom was showing the system.


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