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Holiday paid by Google Earth

clip_image001On this week, known as “Easter” is a holiday at least Thursday and Holy Friday; I took three days of my scheduled trip to Charlotte, so I will be resting all week thanks to Google Earth.

I explain, literally Google Earth is paying my 8 days of vacation. It happens that seven months ago an American who sponsored a poor child was interested in knowing these latitudes, tired of finding the origin place of his godson, in an interesting coincidence entered the layer of Google Earth called “community”, and ended in a tourist page whose contact form I must take care in my spare. Finally after a good online friendship, he decided to come here to spend 8 days on the condition that I would be its pilot, carry my family and whether there was time will help him find the family of his godson.


So here I am doing internal tourism, promoting the external and by the way finding sponsorship for a long time to a guy that has great aspirations but few economic resources. The task doesn’t end there, we should still find the boy’s family and I hope to act tomorrow as a detective, for what it doesn’t serve me my digital terrain model.

My kids happy with their gifts: new binoculars, the Benq camera, their fishing rods and the desire to prove whether the Americans (Spanish Idiom: “gringos”) lures work with the “tilapia” (Spanish meaning: tilapia is a kind of fish) from the Yojoa Lake. For now, 5 trip hours have been very fruitful; we visited some very interesting caves on the road.

The mosquitoes are criminal heat but coconut water is… suck fingers.

Mosquitoes are criminals by the heat but coconut water is … thumbed sucking (Spanish Idiom: “chuparse los dedos”, delicious).

Ah, patience, the wireless of this hotel is a calamity but;

As a great Austrian philosopher said: “I’ll come back”

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