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Holiday in + 10 photos

Finally the rest of the holiday comes to an end, pleased to have been enough time with my family. A great loss my Benq camera, the photos (mostly) have been the best from the cell phone. Quality is poor, nor the story behind; there will be time to buy a new one.

Reviewing a farm near the village of El Tigre.
Mosquitoes were criminals, stick and suck blood without feeling the sting.
The boys happily received a musical keyboard for Christmas.  Google Earth brought them a new wonderful uncle.
I downloaded the books and tried my memory.
At the edge of the large crater. The small crater, background posed a meteorite impact. clip_image003
Google making the shows where we stand in the photo, at the foot of the larger crater. The other arrow shows the crater background clip_image004
Swam until they had their hands as white raisins… clip_image005
Sunset on the beach in the South, a great view. Next to the fish market built by the Galician cooperation. clip_image006
We did a sand volcano at Playa del Burro, it appeared a dead crab. clip_image007
Then we saw some historic areas restored by the Andalusia’s committee. clip_image008
It is curious, but in a single holiday several well-known people came forward. clip_image009
Without words, a very dirty beach. After the picture we had to review where we stood. clip_image010
We remove the training wheels on my daughter’s bike. And she learned after a couple of scrapes. clip_image011

For the one who took borrowed my camera, it was a very bad joke. I can only say as an old southern “return for the charger, so you do not have to buy one.”

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