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Help to find Ashley, again?

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.

This is an email that’s out there, in which someone has lost his daughter … but searching in Google, we see it’s an old trick that was first circulated in May 2006.

It happened to me by innocent, just when I was ready to go for a walk with my children; if not by Txus, to whom I owe enough shame but gratitude for not finding 20 comments in the afternoon.

clip_image001And although today is a holiday around here, because in the ephemeris of this side of the pond we were discovered; it took me 5 seconds to ask myself how many embarrassments must we have to pass to be considered an “experienced Internet user”, such as this phrase used by Txus say us?.

1. Woo to a girl in the chat whose real gender is male pretending to be woman.

2 Chat privately in the company’s messenger and by mistake to the entire Department.

3. Send an unwise email, and mistakenly going to all mailing list.

4 To take you a photo when you got drunk(*), and this appears on Monday in Hi5!

5. When a friend sent to your email a message that says an engineer has lost his daughter … and this is an old hoax.

It do not care if we feel grief, anger, false humility, perhaps we’ll never be “experienced Internet users”, but having readers who will read you at 3 minutes of posting might make you think that…

Perhaps it is necessary to rewrite good humor in mobile format because in this world … we all have something of innocents. I prefer to go for a walk quietly, on this side of the globe has just dawn, the sun is great and this week AdSense clicks are scary.

Greetings, we will see in the afternoon


(*) Irte de cañas: It’s a Spanish jargon used when someone had drunk to much liquor.

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