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gvSIG, what is going to be in the 5ths Workshops

jornadas-gvsig It has already has been announced a preliminary version of what it could be in the fifth gvSIG workshops that will develop in the Events Centre of Valencia, from December 2 to 4, 2009.

Much of the work presented is from Spain, although there are some experiences from Germany, Italy and there. It also calls attention some American environment projects that arise, as the Venezuelan geoportal, and it starts to show something of the project from Geographers and Engineers without Borders, which for some time are working in Honduras in forest management support.

It’s difficult to locate contents by topic, because some are cross. But, trying to guide them in the approach that has been announced, here are the experiences, presentations and workshops:

Archaeology Development in gvSIG of a system for the management of the archaeological heritage in a local administration: the case of Paterna (Valencia)

Arqueologia i gvSIG: Poblament i paisatge andalusins a la Serra Calderona (València)

Municipalities and public administration gvSIG in the EIEL of the provincial Government of Pontevedra

gvSIG in the Local Administration

Municipal Registry of Urbanism

gvSIG use and development of extensions for gvSIG as standard client for an infrastructure based on Web services GIS (GIS) for the “autonomous province of Bolzano”

Developments on gvSIG for Galicia sanitation plan

IDEs The pilot Venezuelan portal (GEOVEN)

Offline dissemination of spatial data from the Board of Andalusia using gvSIG

gvSIG Collections Manager for spatial resources

gvSIG and OSGeo in the Google Summer of Code

Environment gvSIG Software application in a study of fire monitoring.

Design and development of a toolkit based on gvSIG for the calculation of environmental indicators in the framework of the European initiative CAT – Med: Changing the Mediterranean metropolis in time

First steps of gvSIG in the Department of environment of the Board of Andalusia

MEIGAS. A free environment for management and forest inventory on gvSIG

Developments on gvSIG for the improvement in the information management for the ISF in Honduras

Implementing gvSIG as an alternative for proprietary Desktop GIS software in the Department of Health and Environment, City of Munich

Cadastre and roads CAMPUS Project– Land Cadastre Maintenance Tool

Application to improve knowledge of Valencian commercial sector, and enable its analysis from the territorial point of view.

gvSIGRoads: application for the treatment of data associated with roads

Practical intersections of criminal geography: its application to the citizen security

OSGeo OpenStreetMap Spain

gvSIG and OSGeo in the Google Summer of Code

OSGeo and the Hispanical Language Chapter

The Tellus project. Integration of gvSIG Mobile and Open mobile IS for editing and sharing remote GIS data

Agricultural production GIS for improving the Quality Management and Olive Oil

Maps of wine variability and quality

egeomate’s Workshops Development gvSIG 2.0

2nd Workshop: gvSIG 3D and animations

GvSIG Mobile Development

Expanding SEXTANTE through remote processing WPS services and GRASS algorithms

Data Construction NavTable, browsing across the data in gvSIG

Project CarThema5 – Tcharting tool

DielmoOpenLiDAR for LiDAR data quality control adquire in PNOA project.

JPostGIS and connector for gvSIG

Implementation of prototype service for cartographic symbols

New functionalities for location with gvSIG Mobile 1.0 based on LibLocation.

LiDAR data Server and the client is in: gvSIG

We are awaiting the development of this journey, which is already the fifth internationally; event that, among other things, has earned a deserved respect broadcast event. In the end, open source initiatives should promote systematized experiences to win sustainability and devotees who decide to make the leap from specialists in trademark to be specialists in technology.

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