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GvSIG Courses in Valencia


From the first quarter of 2010, the Florida University Central Training courses will be offering gvSIG, which to date has been provided as an adjunct to the Interior tourism specialist diploma courses. This course has a lasting of 20 hours over two weeks, and is aimed at professionals, technicians and officials who wish to enter the GIS field using a tool which is free to use.

I think this good initiative, which has the support of school geographers from Valencia, must lead gvSIG to continue pushing between the training centers to find not only its distribution but contribute to its sustainability. That’s the reason we’re promoting this project.

The theme is distributed as follows:

1. Introduction to free GIS: GVSIG – SEXTANTE, SAGA, GRASS, KOSMO, GEOLIVRE LINUX, SPRING, GMT (Generic Mapping Tools).

2. First steps in the GVSIG desktop

  • 2.1 Opening and displaying geographical information.
    Raster and vector formats.
  • 2.2 Symbology. How to symbolize and label the geographical entities in a correct and visual way. Layer Properties. Search & Location Tools.
  • 2.3 Treatment of alphanumeric information. Access to information linked to graphical entities (tables), selections by criterion, connections, and links between tables. Database connection.
  • 2.4 Vector edition. Creating/editing a vector file and its associated information.
  • 2.5 Geoprocessing Tools. Basic processes on vector information layers (areas of influence, clipping, intersect, Union, polygons’ merge, etc.).
  • 2.6 Making maps. Create maps. Insertion of items and entities in a map. Layout and preparation of templates for print or export to “pdf” format.

3. GVSIG and Spatial data infrastructures.

  • 3.1 Access to free remote servers. Viewing and querying free spatial information (orthophotos, cadastre, environmental information, etc.) on the Internet using WMS and WFS WCS Protocol.
  • 3.2 Site for place names. Search and location of geographic features by its name.

The cost goes for 190 Euros, although there are discounts for those who meet certain conditions. It is best to contact with this phone 654. 868. 267 or by email at gerson.beltran mail (@) gmail.com

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