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gvSIG: 21 CAD tools

A common weakness in specialty GIS programs is its limitation to construct data with the ease that offers CAD-oriented tools. Gradually, the gap is narrowing, although it is questionable whether the GIS has had an improvement in their ability to build or CAD have implemented variants such as Bentley Geospatial Map and AutoCAD Map.

gvSIG 1.9 has made almost a literal copy of the most used AutoCAD tools, including the order in which the text line runs into at least 21 commands. The ones marked in red are new in stable 1.9 version, it had not been included the ones kept in the edit bar in this version, which seem to be from selection.

1 clip_image001 clip_image002 Line
2 clip_image003 clip_image004 Polyline
3 clip_image005 clip_image006 Circle
4 clip_image007 clip_image008 Autocomplete
5 clip_image009 clip_image010 Join
6 clip_image011 clip_image013 Matrix
7 clip_image014 clip_image015 Trim
8 clip_image016 clip_image017 Copy
9 clip_image018 clip_image019 Move
10 clip_image020 clip_image021 Rotate
11 clip_image022 clip_image023 Escale
12 clip_image024 clip_image025 Mirror
13 clip_image026 clip_image027 Edit vertexes
14 clip_image028 clip_image029 Exploit
15 clip_image030 clip_image031 Point
16 clip_image032 clip_image033 Arc
17 clip_image034 clip_image035 Polygon
18 clip_image036 clip_image037 Ellipse
19 clip_image038 clip_image039 Gap
20 clip_image040 clip_image041 Rectangle
21 clip_image042 clip_image043 Strectch
22 clip_image044 Multi point
23 clip_image045 Multiline
24 clip_image046 Xline
25 clip_image047 Hatch
26 clip_image048 Insert Block
27 clip_image049 Text
28 clip_image050 Parallel
29 clip_image051 Extend
30 clip_image052 Prolong
31 clip_image053 Fillet
32 clip_image054 Delete
The 14 first ones (1 to 14) were in my list of the 25 most frequently used commands.
Some of them are not exactly equivalent, such as:

-join/do the block
-edit vertex/pedit

The following 8 (15 to 22) have been integrated by gvSIG, although weren’t on my priority list.
The last 9 (23 to 31) were on my list and have not been considered by gvSIG.  Let’s see that most of these are meaningless in GIS because they are attributes of objects, for example:

-Insert Block

It can be regarded as a significant gvSIG contribution to have integrated this tools suite, with AutoCAD’s logical work. In practice I saw technicians build with this tool, although many of them, for massive cadastral surveying, prefer working with a CAD tool, create a polygon and then bring them to gvSIG; most of them say that it is because work upon Java is always slow.

On the other hand, for cadastral maintenance, once they have been uploaded topologies to PostGIS, it has no meaning to take data and edit them in a CAD tool; and then these tools become useful. For large amounts of data, it always affects Java resource consumption.

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