Guys who want to live…

clip_image001Last night I had the privilege of being invited to a wedding, which has left me an interesting flavor in the palate, in these days that exogenous forecasts (if we give them chance) the most they can offer is the option to choose the tool with which cut our veins.

They were a youthful couple, although now there aren’t so but, by the way how I got to know them (I still consider them youngish) and watching the invitation they sent me, it seems they also continue considering them to be so.

She, a very pretty maiden, Civil Engineering student, was my pupil in one of my AutoCAD’s courses; he, one of the brightest of the Publicity course, at that time he attended Business Administration. In one of the breaks they got engaged; I can remember how their eyes sparkled that evening while, from different rooms, they took advantage from Yahoo messenger. Whoops! This was several years ago.

The wedding took place without ostentation, simple, with a Jewish atmosphere so close to his style, the same one she seems to enjoy equally. Their promises showed me that there are people who want to do things in this life with the optimism they carry inside.

They didn’t take much care from the curfew that had been being imposed by the democratic crisis; it was more important this commemoration of the calendar day. Listening to what this young man proposed in front of a pile of stones from the Holy Land, made me understand the simplicity of their hearts and the enjoyment for doing something well not only because they were facing their relatives.

At the end, I helped them with their wedding presents that barely fit in the back of my van, so I met the small apartment where they hope to start. I didn’t get into the bedroom but in the small living ,I saw the drawing board used by her, probably remembering the fights with the rapidograph of University times; in other side, the exquisite geek style of his computer; these and other small details shook my memory of the last 12 springs .

After all these years, between the conflicting beliefs of my friend from Gijon who doesn’t want nothing with a wedding dress and my Ecuatorian friend who would give everything to marry with the first one, provided that he loves her as it says in her checklist; seeing this episode last night, reminds me that life should be kept simple, and without losing our heads we should be able to simplify 15 long years, to a list comma-separated text, which does not include columns of dynamical calculations or Booleans; but based on simple drop-down boxes, which have like maximum conditioners, segments of no more than 15 minutes; including a column for unexpected acts and excluding happiness with just this name.

Now, neither I use Yahoo Messenger nor them; not even I know their email or their Skype users. To contact me, they do it personally. Yes, time has passed, but I could see in their eyes the same brightness of that far away afternoon.

I don’t expect they can go well; I know that they will be fine. Life has taken us through different ways; so now they don’t know that I write in a blog (special Spanish idiom: “geofumo” special synonym egeomate) from the anonymity of this space, but I believe they don’t need to read this post because what is written here they already know it.

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