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Tagging the real World

This has been announced in these days in the website of the Rey Juan Carlos University. This is free mobile software that allows ‘tagging’ virtually the real world. According to this, users can link multimedia content to an object by pointing the phone, stick a ‘virtual’ label over a real object and the person who

I’m on journey

Yes, as I said before, I’m traveling and away from an acceptable connection. This is the most meaningful picture of the total station training we are providing. In the foreground, the best student, and a candidate to be hired for six months leading the team that leads the Sokkia, in the background an elder who

Comparisons for the purchase of survey equipment

At the time of purchasing a measurement equipment, comparison tables are very useful for making decisions. In the case, the purchase of a total station apart from the economic criteria, the technical criteria could include: Minimum range in distance with a prism Precision in angle and distance Software Utilities (internal) Software language Internal memory Accessories

Testing the Sokkia SET 520 k

  TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. I’m just unpacking Sokkia Set520k total station, which we will be using in land surveying of at least 20 cities next year. Also I had to buy a data transfer cable, a tripod and two prisms with pole. It is fairly recent,

Total Station’s handbook for using in Cadastre

I’ve uploaded for public use the practice guide for Urban Cadastral Surveying using total station in its version 1.0 for operator, in order to give back to the community the collective knowledge of those who participated in this training. This release is as left as it was elaborated for those who were in the training

The care of a total station

We are almost ready to begin the lifting phase; we have just conducted the operators’ first training, for now we make sure the team has a healthy life. At the end of the process the equipment will be donated to an entity we’ll create which will provide services to joint municipalities, this is why the

Finally back, and I’m going on again

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Well gentlemen, I have returned at last from the last tour of this year, this will be my last day at the office because I’ll be on vacation until Jan. 7 … yes; of course you’ll be surprised that on this side of

October’s egeomates month summary

It’s been a month with too much journeys, courses and holidays, here is a summary of 43 entries. Free Geomatics II Free Geomatics Meeting, Venezuela What will be shown in the III free GIS Days CAD/GIS among the priorities of the Free Software Free GIS Software in the 2008 OSWC gvSIG will be launch in

Honduras maps on GPS

I found them in the Honduras technology fair, in its third edition at the time they were showing a cute girl their products. I mean Navhn, which innovates in an issue that as it is the case with technologies… here come 4 years later that at United States. Its services are based on at least