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SkyTraq Launches Low-Cost Feature-Rich RTK Receiver

Low-Cost Feature-Rich RTK Receiver

SkyTraq Technology Inc., a fabless GNSS positioning technology company, introduces S2525F8-RTK, a low-cost, low-power, single frequency RTK receiver for applications requiring centimeter-level accuracy positioning. S2525F8-RTK is a multi-constellation GNSS RTK receiver that can use 12 GPS, 8 SBAS, 6 BDS, and 1 QZSS signal. In situations where RTK fix is not possible, a Float RTK

The intrinsic GeoReference

When we read the different theories that support communication where mapping is involved, both as science to represent geographical phenomena, as well as art to give this information necessary aesthetics; we realize that time in which we live includes multiple actions in the journal live where we use GeoReference as daily action. From the moment

Product Comparison Section

Geo-matching is bringing together the highly valued GIM International and Hydro International product surveys all in one place. is the independent product comparison website for professional hardware and software for geomatics, hydrography and adjacent fields. We want to lead our visitors through the maze of specifications and give the opportunity to compare products of

5 Recommendations for the safety of a surveying equipment

It was difficult to convince the bosses at the time; the equipment to buy should be insured against theft, damage and accidents. It is understandable in the first instance, with questions such as: If the equipment will then be donated to the municipality, why would not they better pay the insurance? Against theft? Doesn’t this

Between Cancer and the Google Earth use for the cadastre

google earth precission

From a good humor moment with a Dutch friend, this day, I rescue some similarity between the process that leads cancer in clinical psychology and Google Earth romance with wrong purposes: Stage 1: Fright. A technician goes to field in response to a measurement request of an owner who wants to sell; He checks that

How accurate are the images in Google Earth?

google earth precission

The theme of orthorectified  and satellite images’ precision of Google Earth is a record question in search engines; in these days where confusing precision with tolerance is as easy as losing the GPS in the taxi, it would be good to make a couple of analysis about whether or not to use these data for

Two interesting news from Supergeo

1.  Supergeo to Provide DGPS Post-processing Tool for Precise Field Data Collection Supergeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, announced that DGPS post-processing tool will be introduced to assist SuperPad users in post-processing the collected field data using SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a to improve data accuracy. SuperPad 3, a full-function mobile

GIS Kit, finally something good for the iPad

Finally I see a really attractive application for iPad oriented to the capture of GIS data in field. The tool has potential for many things, and leaves in diapers other applications I’ve tried like GaiaGPS, GIS4Mobile, ArcGIS for iPad and GISRoam; the latter is powerful but unfriendly to work and more focused on the analysis

Gaia GPS, for capturing routes with GPS, Ipad and mobiles

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. I’ve downloaded an application for the iPad that has left me more than satisfied in my need to do GPS tracking and then view it online or with Google Earth. Gaia GPS is an application that costs just $ 12 but is very

Trimble purchase Ashtech; what could be waited about this

The news has not already been very surprising in these times when large companies buy their competitors, get merged or break up into pieces; but there’s no doubt it makes us think what could happen to the company that manufactured equipment that we use or were in plan to acquire. In my view and a

Mobile Mapper 10, first impression

After the acquisition of Ashtech by Trimble, Spectra has begun to promote Mobile Mapper products. The simplest of these is Mobile Mapper 10, which I want to take a look at this time. Mobile Mapper Pro, CE and CX versions ended up but there’s still in the market the last one. The popular Mobile Mapper

Manuals for the use of GPS and Leica Total Station

By following a link from the gvSIG mailing lists, which today has formalized the final version 1.10, I found an interesting site. This is, driven by Oxford Archeology which seeks to promote the use of tools and free systems for surveying applications in archaeological projects. The most valuable of the site are the manuals


This is the name of a digital magazine published by companies of regional representation in Europe from Sokkia and Topcom, headquartered in the Netherlands. Published in Dutch and English simultaneously, with the slogan “professional positioning Magazine“, its content goes beyond a mere catalog of products includes topography quite interesting articles for professional application of the

A look at the Mobile Mapper 100

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Ashtech recently launched its new equipment model, which was shown at the recent ESRI International Conference, its called Mobile Mapper 100, which is an evolution to the Mobile Mapper 6 characteristics but with above precision to the ProMark3. In essence, this is the

egeomates, only photos

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. This is a complicated month in time, but satisfactory in achievements and family passions with my children and the girl that enlightens my eyes. I could hardly post a couple of times; but here I leave a brief photo summary. The Competency certification

Do we occupy a robotic total station?

A few days ago I had a pleasant conversation with a egeomated friend on the use I’m now giving to the reflectance, and if a robot would help me in any way to minimize the time. Here I summarize part of the talk. What is what we call a robotic workstation. In short, is an

Municipal Cadastre, which method is appropriate

  Several years of making cadastre and there is always a very common question. Which is the best method for doing cadastre? We must admit that this is not a recipe, because there are different conditions that must be taken into account, and each method can have opposite variables in different territories. So this post