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Google Street View arrives to Guadalajara

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.

Today El Decano has announced that in Guadalajara (from Spain not from Mexicoclip_image001) is turning Google’s stroller, so we can expect that in about three months we’ll have it in Street View.

He, je, it also mentioned that in cars back were some guys looking for girls showing the breast.


For those who want to know what cities have Street View now, the little man(*) that uses Google, you can drag and there is colored in blue and all the available places. There are also shown in yellow when the display contains some of the street view.


This view shows the different countries where there is information at street level, basically the United States, including Alaska in America, Spain, France and Italy in Europe, Australia and Japan at the east.


Also now in the improvements are shown previews with a simple drag and they have get better some navigation antiques which include the approximate direction.


It is fucking… not to read well… publish and go to travel he he. It could be worse to read this last message and do not understand it.


(*) pichingo: it means little man, a puppet.

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