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How to know how many people are on a march?

How to know many people are on a march … We had 50,000 people there …I never saw so many people … We are 300.000 Well, well, let’s take some basic lessons to this, using tools of common sense so we have fun while passing the political crisis. This is an example where the central

Why we have to thank neogeographers like Google

This is the name of Eric Van Rees interview conducted with the leading men of three outstanding companies in Geoinformatics technologies: Jack Dangermond, ESRI President Richard Zambuni, Director, Bentley Geospatial Line Ton de Vries, CEO of Bentley Cadastre line and land development Halsey Wise, Intergraph President and CEO The document is interesting, and comes at

Display a georeferenced image in Google Earth

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Let’s suppose I want to show in a georeferenced way an image available on a website. I had already spoken of this before, but in this case I would like to project a map that is not on my hard drive but online.

The maps at the time of search for flights

Find the Google API is not surprising in a lot of online business. A segment where has been most successful is in the case of the air flight tickets sale which seems to have found a good host. For a time I had considered that these services were unnecessary because as travel operators exist; but

Earthquakes in Google Earth

A few days ago I spoke of the tectonic plates that USGS has prepared for display in a simple kml file of 107 k, and with this we must be acknowledged that Google Earth has changed our lives for what it’s possible seeing with the simple intuition of those who are not experts in the

How to place a video on Google Earth

I get a question where someone wants to upload a video to Google Earth, I understand you are looking for show routes and attach a video. Let’s see something you can do and that could apply our Mexican friends, is very similar to placing a photo. Embedding a Youtube video Assuming that I want to

10 egeomates and a recommendation

This week I’ll be on tour again. I leave you 10 readings while return … oh, and a recommendation. About technologies Hugo Chavez is afraid of the mouse Centromujer, it’s born a great blog for women. And what a design! LULA, free software for Hispanic Universities About Geospatial Sofftware GeoViewer 3.0, a free viewer from

How to upload a kml to Google Maps

Several days ago a friend sent me a question regarding on uploading maps that can be deployed in Google Maps without being putting with the API here I dedicate a while to do so. 1. Create a kml A kml can be created almost any mapping program, it can be ArcGIS, Manifold, Bentley Map, GvSIG

MapJack, surpasses Google Street View

MapJack is an application similar to Street View, though it exceeds by a good amount of functionality. Of course, as it is not from Google, nor manage this amount of millions, there is no guarantee it will survive to an acquisition or to the economic crisis. It is a development worked on the Google API

Holiday paid by Google Earth

On this week, known as “Easter” is a holiday at least Thursday and Holy Friday; I took three days of my scheduled trip to Charlotte, so I will be resting all week thanks to Google Earth. I explain, literally Google Earth is paying my 8 days of vacation. It happens that seven months ago an

How to improve the 3D view in Google Earth

  It happens that the Google Earth 3D view is interesting but usually not so attractive the fact that elevations doesn’t view so “real”. Being a rather simplified terrain model, it looks a bit flat topography, and for being watching it from above, it has the same feeling like when flying, which is not perceived

How to change an icon in Google Earth

Google Earth brings some predefined icons, it is possible to change or modify them if we wish to, though this is not always so practical because of the system’s low capacity to make selection by attributes. For this task, we must make a mouse right click on the layer, and then select “Properties” in the

Converting shp to kml… and an all-out smoke

Fdo2Fdo is an interesting application that serves not only to convert shape format files to kml’s as it’s announced in this post in a poorly way. For now, it becomes an alternative after shp2kml’s death which, according to its creator’s rules, has apparently expired Seeing its capabilities it turns in a great surprise considering that

Digital terrain model in Google Earth

Valery Hronusov is the kml2kml application creator; it is interesting that today has published a note in which Google recommends it, strange but not so, knowing what makes this application that only weighs 1 MB. Some time ago I talked about how to do something like this with AutoCAD, and also with ContouringGE. Let’s see

Satellite image on your desktop… in real time

For those maniacs on the weather and want to know if in the other side of the world is day or night … this application is just cool (Spanish Idiom: ‘chuparse los dedos’). It’s about Desktop Earth, which converts the desktop computer into a satellite view. Although it may seem a simplistic picture, let’s see