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Google Maps improves its performance

Google has released a new beta version of its map browser, with quite interesting tools. In this case, to enable it, we must apply click the New! link placed on the right of the symbol of laboratory test, and activate the options. The warning is clear, what they are doing is only evidence, so that

Convert degrees / minutes / seconds to decimals

Some time ago I’ve been ask for this, and in view the friend seems a little rushed and today is a day to celebrate many things, here I leave one tool that allows you to move from degrees/minutes/seconds to decimals. Why a table It is common, finding coordinates that are in degrees- minutes- seconds format,

Your visitors on Google map

Knowing where visitors come and place them on the map is one of the functions provided by Google Analytics, but there is still no such functionality to display their own maps. The example represents my visitors today, with the drawback that there is no zoom, unless you want to view by country, and those annoying

Geoinformatics, latest edition 2009

This, in my opinion, is one of the better positioned magazines in the geospatial topic, it has closed 2009 with a masterful stamp; in its 7 editions kept a systematic review of free software and surveying equipment, in the latter (model 8, 2009) generalizes significant trends that are taking in the geospatial aspect and the

Interact in UTM with Google Earth

Plex.mark! is a development made on Google Earth ActiveX, that facilitates the operation directly in UTM, not just for getting coordinates but also to enter them. It’s free. Install Plex.mark! It must be downloaded from Plescape, the Greek manufacturer company of Plex.Earth tools; after it’s installed, it creates the shortcut on the desktop. To run

Me, Cadastre and Google Earth

I have just returned from my trip, it has been lived between folk meals, the pressure of the qualifying rounds for the football world cup and work’s satisfactions; so, here I leave an extract from some unforgettable phrases of our daily job. The consultants: -¡Hurry Up! -dialog cleanup!The draftsmen: -Uff!!!  When will the paying be?

Google Earth improves the way to notice its upgrade

Every two months or so Google Earth has been updating its images, but the way of notifying has been only mentioning the country, the nearest city, and even a couple of times it said the upgrade in this regard: Look, we have updated images, but truly we don’t really remember where, so review on their

KML Manager, too much for 12 Euros

Small solutions always caught my attention; I think that if they don’t exceed $ 50 and solve what a great program doesn’t, they should be lucky. Today I want to show you KML Manager, a tool that just goes by 12.95 euros, it weighs less than 1 MB but let’s see what is within this

Touche Google Maps Extractor

A few years ago Google began mapping business; in that project Google was even paying $ 10 for every business to be georeferenced. Now they have a base that can be deployed both in Google Maps and Google Earth. Now imagine that there is an application that, with only giving a location and a radio