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Google Earth improves the way to notice its upgrade

Every two months or so Google Earth has been updating its images, but the way of notifying has been only mentioning the country, the nearest city, and even a couple of times it said the upgrade in this regard:

Look, we have updated images, but truly we don’t really remember where, so review on their own where the lightning was…

This time, they have included a kml file which has the updated zones in the August month.

clip_image001As we noted earlier, Google just announced substantial changes to the case, officially it said that there were changes in:

  • Mexico: Guadalajara, León de los Aldama
  • Bolivia: La Paz
  • Brasil: Curitiba, Tocantins, Aracatuba,
  • Paraguay: Asunción
  • Argentina: Rio Cuarto, Santa Rosa
  • Spain: Beasain, Costa del Sol

But seeing the kml file we see that there are minor changes in other countries:

  • Guatemala
  • Honduras (swan’s islands)
  • Panama
  • Colombia
  • Venezuela
  • Peru
  • Chile
  • Cuba

For example, notice that in Argentina is just mentioned a couple of locations, but the map shows many small spots that are not notified.

Some changes, such as Navarre’s case are the mirror and water dam, though it was only reported changes in the Basque country and Costa del Sol

In conclusion, is a better way of notice, perhaps later they will made public files of previous updates. For our part:-what a good thing! From Google, surely they’re wondering why they didn’t make it before.

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