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Gmail integrates Audio-Video-chat

Google wants to own everything, including that all, it claims for Gmail to be the only alternative that integrates the basic features for online communication.

Started by integrating the chat, which despite being quite simplified is very effective because works within the same window in Gmail, with the option to save conversations, do search on these and the best, without working on a separate channel which becomes good for surfers but bad for the proxy manager because is not possible to control the channel. clip_image003

Now has an integrated audio-video -chat functionality, much like the chat that already existed … This implies that if Gmail gets more popularized we could save to be depending on Skype, messenger and mail although they will have to work hard because many ‘average’ users do not like Gmail.

They should also implement search and import functionality from social networks.

To implement this we must select the “Video Chat” option from the tabs above, download the installer, let it run and then re-enter the browser.


To use it, it is done at the contacts option, near to the pair of chat ball is the video tab and more, there you can invite others to talk. If you don‘t have webcam, it is possible to do video-chat in one way or just use the audio features. Webcam users can be seen with a different icon.


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