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GIS Learning CD, great resource for teaching


Of the best tools I’ve seen, it can be very handy when imparting training in the geographic information area.

It is GIS Learning CD, a product of the construction company from the SuperGeo line, which beyond being a product for instructors can play an important role in self-training.

The announcement came out in Geoinformatics’ new edition; it seems to me ideal for developers we contract, which may be experts in Java, .NET or PHP, but at the time of making geospatial development need training in the GIS field. Another ideal use is for external consultancy when you contract somebody for tasks such as training plans, systematization of experiences, editorial review, or similar whose specialties are necessary but require knowing the spatial world without becoming operators.

The first two chapters collects very rich theoretical material, which includes GIS concepts, the origin of its development in the United States and Canada, the elements of a GIS, and its implementation in both natural resources as in planning management. Also discusses the characteristics of data models, coordinate systems, projections, scales, topology and spatial relations.


In the following chapters it moves gradually from the income information, deployment, query, until the processing and publication of results. This is the chapter index:

  • Chapter 1. GIS Concepts
  • Chapter 2. Geographic data
  • Chapter 3. Data Entry
  • Chapter 4. Data Display
  • Chapter 5. Data Query
  • Chapter 6. Processing and analysis
  • Chapter 7. Data Publication

The didactic quality of the material is very good; built in Flash, with very good graphics and thread impeccable behavior. Definitely a great reference for training, along with Google Earth, it’s sure that for SuperGeo is an instrument that will promote its product line, which although it has an interesting demand in the far East is little known in our environment.

It’s a regret that for now it’s only in English, although I know that at this stage is a challenge exceeded in many areas, but in classroom, reality is different. The disk costs about $ 50, runs on Windows and Mac environments, and can be purchased with Paypal.

In conclusion, a good toy to learn, teach and put in the wish list

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