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Geosmokes, tips on yellow fever

Before someone drive away with the title’s post, I want to clarify that this IS NOT A SPONSORED POST, :).

The interest in avoiding a serious problem that is happening to a Gijon’s friend who traveled to Ecuador last week and now had to be quarantined for several days.

clip_image002[4]1. What is Yellow fever.

It is a viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF) that produces tables of varying severity, ranging from a simple infection with few symptoms until liver damage, kidney and highly lethal shock.

It means that it can kill. 20% to 50% of patients with renal-liver diseases die 7 or 10 days after initial infection.

Including yellow fever is more deadly than the Ebola virus; therefore it is an international reportable disease. The mode of transmission is through the bite of an Aedes mosquito (zancudo), such as Dengue. And although this illness reminds us the years while the Panama Canal was built or the exploratory trips to Africa, it has just been seriously considered because of the global warming, infections have been found in areas where there was thought it won’t be probably to affect by their climatic conditions.

2. Who are at risk

The map I’m showing below is about my last year visitors, the areas marked in red are where there is a risk. High-risk areas are South America, the Caribbean, Africa and some Pacific islands where there were not cases but are susceptible because of tropical conditions.


3. How to prevent

As an input, the yellow fever vaccine is free in most countries, because of its living in South America, the Antilles should be a moral obligation. This can be done in any public health scepter of the World Health Organization (WHO), which seeks with this, to prevent the viruses transferred to other areas of similar tropical conditions, as is Central America or southern Mexico.

But the vaccine seeks to prevent that you “hang up the GPS”, so when you’re traveling to one of these countries, you vaccine is required at least 10 days before entering because it’s the time it takes affect and then, there are 3-6 days that the incubation takes place. They give you a card similar to a passport that is valid for 10 years; this is called International Vaccination Card or Yellow Card (not for soccer but fever).

4. Dont’s

It is not convenient to ignore the warning, because they will let you leave from your country but when you want to return, as the case at an airport of Colombia, the system won’t let you pass.

It implies that they will count the number of days you have been placing the vaccine added to the longer it takes to hatch, then you will be examined and if do not have symptoms, you’re left out. This could be up to 16 days, you’re not placed in a cage with chickens in quarantine but you must pay the hotel and food with the money you don’t have.

Moral: It’s better to get pricked … nothing is lost.

We must remember that it may not always be applied, for example in case you’re a girl and pregnant. There are also times that vaccine is depleted in public hospitals and you must apply so in a private clinic for the reasonable price of $150.

So, get vaccinated, such that Venezuela free GIS kids finally decide when and where rays will it is the event and invite you with all costs paid…clip_image004

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