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Geographic information system using Manifold GIS


This is one of those products that gives you pleasure to have pushed, and that in the spirit for which was built now is available to the community. It’s a manual that explains how to implement a municipal geographic information system using Manifold GIS.

Edited versions of these products were built as part of a program to strengthen the municipalities; whose legacy in systematization field we hope to spread waiting it will be useful for other countries. As we make these efforts public, knowledge democratizes and improves after learning communities partnership that now represent online sharing spaces.

The structure of the document includes:

clip_image002Chapter 1

Here explains how to how to build the layers and components hierarchy in Manifold GIS, as well as the particularities of a municipal project’s utility as an example. It also introduces the subject of map projection assign to data and content is divided into sections:

  • GIS structure in Manifold
  • The municipal GIS
  • Components Projection
Chapter 2

This section shows the most important concerning the construction and data editing, from importing vector data until dataframes construction. Only is left out, now that I am aware, the thematic’s configurations creation of templates type.

  • clip_image003Data construction
  • Objects construction and Edition in drawing
  • Management of tables and texts
  • Maps construction
Chapter 3

The Manifold’s logic operation of data analysis and creation of new results from queries is shown here in a basic way:

  • Data analysis
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Theming
  • Queries
Chapter 4

In this last stage it is shown what’s possible to do with Manifold when creating output layouts. While this segment is short leaving out the OGC publishing services creation, it is assumed that up here is the GIS basic user aspect and is considered thereafter as part of an IDE issue. Parts of this last chapter are:

  • clip_image005Publishing in Manifold
  • Save components views
  • Create layouts
  • Layout publishing

Eventually annexed is added an attributes book that summarizes the layers characteristics used in the example. While is returned to the community, so as to be used as products systematization example that are certainly necessary in our context, not only its construction but its visibility and integration processes to integrated knowledge management. It has credits indicated in respective manner, so that whoever uses it can cite the source indicated there. Also on the back cover is shown the context in which this book is, since it is part of a 18 documents collection comprising three series: Technical, Administrative and Technology, which standardizes the same style and size that makes this document which may contain more pages is maintained in a format of only 54.

As an example I show a project in South America, with whom I shared the document a few days ago and that is taking advantage of the manual’s instrument usefulness to make adjustments in their own need. And notice that it’s always using Manifold GIS.


Here you can download PDF version for web

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