Geo5 Software for soil mechanics

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clip_image001Few structures programs have impressed me in recent years, since I used STAAD, and I mean the original version before Bentley bought it.

On this occasion it has struck me one ads of Google AdSense on MundoGeek blog, although I am very surly to play a click like all of us which earn money with our blogs in that way, I found software that with everything and my habit of not believing in rapid solutions (*) has drawn attention to me.

I refer to Geo5, software driven by FineSoftware, and taking advantage of the peace of this Sunday let’s take a look at what this technology has that can stand out from other applications:

Guidance to the geotechnical

Geo5 and its range of programs are designed to solve geotechnical problems, which makes it different from the popularized by EaglePoint, Bentley and AutoDesk, whose emphasis is oriented to the buildings design and land development, although they do other things too.


So in this Geo5 gets the credit for being in a field, although explored by other platforms, the price will always be competitive because it goes to what a Civil Engineer or Geologist requires. Each application has indicated the price per license to the right, this is a healthy habit which leads to sales, many people associate the lack with exorbitant prices.

clip_image003Integrated set

Although Geo5 tools are various, its integrity is manifested in the fact that a design can be sent from one program to another, for that matter, in an embankment can be analyzed the slope from an application, but then the leg conformation can be sent to another application once it is defined the width of base.

Once installed the program, which for the practical way to install and run gives the impression of being developed in Java. In the Start menu, different Applications can be viewed.

Programs can be purchased in modular form, you can see there’s a wide range; to put an example, these are different applications that exist for retaining walls design:

clip_image004 Abutment clip_image005 Cantilever Wall
clip_image006 Earth pressure analysis clip_image007 Gabion Wall
clip_image008 Gravity wall clip_image009 Masonry Wall
clip_image010 Nailed slopes clip_image011 Prefab Wall
clip_image012 Prefab Masonry Wall

In addition, there are applications for injected bulkhead and also to design structures using the finite element method (FEM), both in tunnels and other geotechnical solutions.

There are also several applications for the foundations design, items such as tension beams, piles, micro-piles, foundation slabs and continuous footings.

Undoubtedly, this tool seems to be a good solution for a company dedicated to geotechnical consulting in different areas of expertise. The program includes slope stability analysis, rock slope and settlement surfaces for the construction of tunnels, this includes a simulation of digital terrain model (DTM).

About the software.

Geo5 is produced by FINE and Ingeosolum, as mentioned, almost 1,500 companies and professionals use their technology, including ARUP, I remember this mega-firm because he won the BE Awards with the Water Cube that we all saw in the Olympic Games last year.

I’ve downloaded it, the demo version weighs more than 80 MB and has almost all features except save files and configure some types of materials.

The interface design is pretty clean, keeping a panel on the right with “almost all” what is needed within a routine running. The variety of languages is extensive, but does not include Spanish.


The reports

This tool is based on an old application that was born on the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Prague, with GUI since Windows 3.1. It now has a very robust environment that displays user-friendly designs and with the nomenclature that engineers are accustomed to seeing.


Then the reports are like full memory, where you can customize the data of the company and users.

clip_image015 The context-sensitive help

Unlike aid programs usually oriented to the screens and program functionalities, Geo5 has theoretical material that is the base of runtime routines. It includes both rules as physical mathematical calculation processes.

Aunque el programa tiene origen en Checoslovaquia, cumple la normativa internacional, y por supuesto, la europea.

Although the program originates in Czechoslovakia, it meets international standards, and of course the European ones.

For more information you can visit the FineSoftware site.



(*) Note that the phrase used here is “the Alkazeltzer” a quick solution for stomach’s problems.

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