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Long trip, for three days I have been touring with succulent creoles meals. Finally back, many unread mails and the new 12.2-megapixel Kodak camera going very well. Here I leave some readings and news of interest: Bentley extends interoperability to FME. Very interesting, Bentley Map has integrated the chance of interacting data via ETL from

egeomates on the fly, January 2009

Gentlemen, these days are with too much work and very few time to complete all tasks (Spanish Idiom: “estos dias son de correr” ), between the end of the operational plan for this year, pay off last year balances and socialize with mayors the scope of what it implies to set up cadastral values in

Read these, while I return

I’m traveling, reviewing reports and planning my vacation. I leave you with Future X, the character created by my son; it was done with a 3D program for children which sound like Plopp… $ 19 worth when you have a creative child. By the way, I recommend a couple of interesting reading. Does it apply

What has left us June?

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. June was a month that as I saw many bloggers commenting on statistics fell … although I personally think that also influenced the dns’ change of servers which is still indexing in Google search engines and I feel that any penalty also