G. I. Joe, for people over 30 years

clip_image001[3]TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post to know more about Centro American Dishes and drinks.

Viewing this movie made me ruminate nostalgia for what has gone and what was memorable. I don’t care about its critical shot, because on these days fanaticism for WarGames is sensitive, more if you are associated with the American spirit. Beyond these trivialities, I enjoyed the film.

Perhaps many of us identify with this world of anonymous heroism (satisfaction for writing), with a technology blog that my family don’t know by incompatibility, for a group of visitors who don’t know that I have a middle name, and possibly even know the first one.

clip_image001[1]Although G. I. Joe was born with the purpose of making toys in a male version of Barbie and its long career has been uneven since the Second World War, the film is based on the series “a real American hero”, which in the eighties entertained us in the afternoons. In the background it is a movie for adults who were once children, it is listed for over 12 years but I doubt that people under 30 can enjoy it passionately.

The world has changed a lot, to understand the film it’s necessary to rely on wikipedia, or Facebook’s fan page, just as easy as this, for the passion of history or premature Alzheimer’s. Neither is lost much of the original sense, compiled in an existing geopolitical environment, with technological innovations that are more logical than imaginary. It has subliminal puffs (Spanish Idiom:” fumada” which in this case means: tech hallucination) as nanotechnology applied to genetics and military, space trigonometry, special effects and a story that we will get out of control for the attempted to associate argument’s adaptation with the simple strip sketches we remember.

clip_image002The best thing that brings us is the nostalgia for what it was, and that feeling that the memory is still alive, as if it had been yesterday. Listening to names as Duke, Destro, Hawk, storm shadow or seeing the Baroness and Scarlett’s great bodies reminds us those evenings when we conversed topollillos (*) with friends on a 15 inch tv screen while the intense heat lowered for the football match. It brings us to that stage where out was thundering the post-cold war but inside we lived in a world as innocent as GNU, those friends we shortly see, dispersed each in their own entanglements.

  • Aldo, now involved in his rock band, composes
  • Checho, which also followed the musical line, sings
  • Gerson, unrecognizable in his multi million dollar world
  • Caranga, wanting to finish his college someday
  • Jonathan, did not even say goodbye on his last trip to Iraq
  • Duc, boring his students in the department of history
  • Juan, in his legitimate sexual preferences
  • Marvin, 20 years sending remittances from Chicago
  • and a few more that I lost track

We were all equal, in good and generally in bad times, not now. So the stories are, recycled from the memory of the real and the imaginary frame. Yesterday were the Transformers, day before yesterday, Batman, Spiderman, possibly one of these days ThunderCats, Silverhawks, Mask or the Galactic hawks. Also our current friends will disperse tomorrow, but we will have the pleasure of being laughing together one, other and other again until the episode makes us obsolete or the new upgrade disenchanted us.

G. I. Joe, memorable for whom we live that generation, for others as implausible as to spend 3 minutes, I know, the theme is vain, as half of this post, but delicious as the joy of having had one day 13 years without remorse.


Topollillo: A little and transparent sack that contains frozen juice of different flavors like blackberry, milk or tamarind.

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