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Further details from Houston

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.


The difference in this trip is that aside from the training I have taken several days to change my vacation period, this gives me time to visit a Google Earth’s friend, who lives near the site of what was Compaq, now HP. Here is something that the wind was about to take in my spare time.



Nearly two hours feeling so sad (*), after the pain of Circuit City’s closed because of American’s crisis, I found this site which is good for leaving hanged the credit card.

This is the Fujitsu mini notebook, it’s amazing, with rotating touch screen only 6″ with a Centrino processor of 2.1 Ghz … ugh!

If not were because my son asked me for a Wii in exchange for the refund ticket, because the embassy friends did not agree on giving him a visa… for now.

And this is the Acer Aspire, not the mini but the big screen that has a lateral control, a show for geeks.

clip_image003I was also about to eat the Tornado File Transfer, which won the Gadgets contest recently. A wonderful cable that connects two PC and you can see the other as if it were an external disk. I wonder why no one had done that before since the tyranny of the parallel cable connection.

By now I am disappointed the price, $40 seems to me a scam.

clip_image004El Tomtom

Oh, my instructor has lent me a GPS Tomtom, which is wonderful. It takes you out of the Freeway because it does not understand a lot of convenience but it makes reaching an address a simply great task.

After two days of using it, I finished shutting it down as I became tired of hearing where to turn and the cow making moo every time the semaphore has a camera.


The Water Wall

This is the telecommunications tower in Up Town and the other photo is the wall of water (Water Wall), 45 meters of water falling like a waterfall in an arc on a lower tier. Some time ago an investor bought the property and planned to make an extension to the gallery but the public objected this because with more than 20 years this is a symbol of Houston.

Being within there causes nausea but the sensation of the breeze in the face is unforgettable. (Basically, everybody takes photos, at the right two girls were grabbed by the neck (*) kissing each other and all of us dissemble our Caribbean censorship, perhaps by the nerves of not being accustomed to see it in public or the imagination to be between them ;).



(*) Con la baba hasta el ombligo: Literally translated as ‘with the slime close to the navel’ means that because of a pain you cried a lot until… ‘Slime goes near the navel’.

(**) apercollar: this word means ‘to grab someone by the neck’.

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