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Always there´s time to have fun about technologies world

The Global Positioning System as a science fair project

Science fair has returned for my son, and after several discussions with the teacher about potential projects finally have passed one with which he was jumping three feet for joy … I almost, both because it is a subject that fascinates us . Also because this project is original, we decided not to search more

The other side of the iPad

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. A family afternoon, there’s nothing like this for liberating pressures. I wanted to make this post to keep balance with my daughter’s pictures with the Ipad, or they will fight for it. This is sky’s other side, the best photos I have taken

eGeomate, 4 websites that I recommend today

I am traveling, again.  I would like to dedicate this post to recommend some pages that I have high a admiration sense, two in the Spanish farm. This is a very good site with free content about construction in Spain. Although it offers many utilities, something which I found very well are the online

egeomate, my private life

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. I was recently in a media communication interview, who wanted to know how is the way of life of a blogger who spends two hours of the night to write for a nearly anonymous world. It was easy to talk about it, but

It seems that it’s near the end of the Honduran crisis

“If you give birth iguanas, we’ll bring up iguanas” he said. But there will be no more deaths in this village because of you. (Page 11) ‘What do you think?’ José Arcadio, sincerely replied:-dog shit. (Page 14) -“In this town, we don’t command with papers,” he said without losing the calm. And so you know

Farmville, the best of online games

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Zynga is a creator company of online games, most of them in real time. Zynga days ago already came with this, as I remember seeing one of these run on Yahoo and Spaces; but now it seems all its potential is mounted on

The first oil paintings of my daughter

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. I’m back. After three years of egeomates, I decided to take a rest which I needed. I had time to make a couple of trips not necessarily of work, see the world cup quiet, and do some empirical art that which relaxes. I

Testing Promark 3 … only photos

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. It ended the course of which I had spoken; we were doing tests between GPS Magellan Promark3 and MobileMapper 6. It’s interesting, that in Survey mode you can shape a network, with which the post-processing is done not only with a single computer.

Roger Penwill, humor for Cad users

The best that you can see in cartoons made for the CAD environment; it is Roger Penwill which began as a cartoonist when he was a drawer during his practice back in 1980. He was doing this for a long time as a hobby, he published a pair of books and as he did so

Forecasts for the World Cup in South Africa

This is not new, it has been there since the previous world cup, but it reminds us that dreams should never die. Much less now that my kids takes me crazy about their album, for which I have the feeling the views never end. It has become a scientific calculation of who might win the

How do non-geomatics see the maps?

So a little distracting, this week has published an article based on projections’ theme in a way a sixth grade’s teacher would explain it when talking about world maps. It’s worth taking a look at the comments, a pity – ironic- there are too many, but here I leave a few of them: The

These young fashion…

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to understand the implications of generational change, the 0.0001784 × 10 +6 graying in my right temple make me forget that years have passed, and not in vain!. Also my children’s therapy of tickling me every 3.0875 minutes, their amazement when they say me “dons g!” and their mother’s affectionate

The good, bad and ugly in less than a day

The good. The last picture of my son before having 11 years, meets on Friday. He says they are Giratina, Jorda and Palkia I don’t like the topic but I love the skill, how I wish I already would have been able to do that at my 10. “… Can you upload this picture to

The FIFAS’ draw had come

The awaited day finally arrived; the girl of Devil’s Advocate was a complete show, though many of us ask ourselves if it is a draw or a schedule. Football is one of those strange passions, which attracts everybody including the grannies that hate the local tournament but disclose the world cup… although the player does

My son and his inventions

Creator: DJ (my son) Age: 10 years Grade: Going to 6th. Character: Future X (1 episode) He says it’s the scheme fully armored with recharged codes. He has been working in this character for some time and although initially I thought it was a simple adaptation of Megaman (Rockman), we must see his comic strips

Buy a Nintendo DS Lite in Spain

Online there is a variety of shops, where it’s possible for you to buy tech toys, including many with Spanish language support. But shipping costs and warranty conditions not adapted to the local regulatory framework make you wonder the benefits of conventional stores. To solve this there is, a business dedicated to the direct

Asterix and Obelix arrive to 50 years

The celebration of the 50 years’ comic has even reached the cover of Google, whose creative has done a brilliant adaptation of what is never lacking in these cartoons. To celebrate this, it has also left an unpublished version of 57 pages which includes short episodes. And so it is, because there couldn’t probably be