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From Excel to AutoCAD, more easier than ever

We had already discussed this before, more over, we had done a summary of the best, but I couldn’t avoid the temptation to speak about one simplest version a Cartesia’s Forum user had uploaded precisely today.

It’s a simple Excel spreadsheet with columns for entering data, dot’s name and xyz coordinates, perfect for points’ management. These are raised using total station and are saved in a separate txt comma file. As always, don’t forget that’s necessary to have macros enabled.


You can set some basic parameters such as colors, text-size if elevation is considered.


The simple point from this application is that it builds mesh points just sending data directly as an OLE object, with any AutoCAD opened version. This is created in separate layers points, codes and texts.

It requires creating a full sight in order to view all points, these go with its z coordinate and texts remains at 0 elevation.

It’s very interesting, and as code is not protected, we can learn how it was built.


I tried with data I’ve already used to build contour lines with AutoCAD Civil 3D and it really works. Go there and download it as quickly as possible, before it asks for a password or it could no longer be there; it’s required to be registered in the Cartesia Forum.


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