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From Amsterdam and something more

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.

It has been a fairly long trip. 2 hours from Central America to Miami, 8 hours to London, 1 more to Amsterdam: these added with the 6 ones used in connection coupled reaching 17.

The biological clock was customary after hibernating bear in the air. But his stomach yet, so at midnight I had to find some coffee and cake.


Crossing from Boston to United Kingdom in the early hours, with an outer temperature of 59 degrees below zero (Celsius) and traveling against the horizon… definitely it has no comparison.

For now, only preparations, my friend, Juan, a Spanish working in Holland for years is on the registration table with the elegant Christine.

In the main hall, audio is prepared by being got out of drawers, the effects are tested and labels are placed in the rooms. Everything that happens before and nobody imagines about the awards gala.

It has struck me one of the banners, the welcome’s in the representatives’ countries languages. The style is the contextual cloud’s tag that blogs and WordPress put fashion.

clip_image003 The accommodation at the Wyndham Apollo Hotel in general is fine. Nothing more than missing like almost any hotel ready for tourists in America: The wireless network.

They offer TV Internet service, but is a nuisance. The mouse is a button to be rolled like those red balls of the first laptops. The LAN service for 10 Euros an hour seems me like a robbery … as Obelix would say:

Nederlanders zijn gek.

And the weather, a delight. 8 Celsius degrees at its best.

Nothing to do with the Caribbean environment, but for these people is a privilege to have had sun for a couple of hours at 1 pm, just the time that most businesses open. A moment for some old men who take advantage of this to go for a coffee on the sidewalk and remove the scarf for a while.

My children, on the other side of the world can not locate me; the 8-hour time difference just gives them the opportunity to leave messages and help me to keep alive the animals on the farm.


While tomorrow comes, I need to find a power adapter and that collectible pieces Obelix’s chess while frost does not fall. And then took refuge in the lobby with the heat from the great quantity (*) of xfm’s fans, with a good Cappuccino & Amaretto and a sushi from the Yamazato’s Japanese restaurant.

Big difference with the previous year, this time does not coincide with the end of qualifying for the World Cup, but for my country, many say that it is well ironed the president’s Lobo pajamas. The same social pressures, I hope the same crisis won’t return, since the last has not yet finished.


(*) mara: This word is a Central American Idiom that means a great amount of people, especially friends.

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