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Football, how things remained in the Caribbean

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Talking about women and betrayals, the past week just ended with the doubt of who will go to the next stage of qualification to the world football cup in the North area, Central America and the Caribbean.

clip_image002What happened

From the group of Costa Rica, those and El Salvador received the pass almost as charitable because they just had a lawsuit against two teams from the Caribbean that didn’t caused them any problem so that a television presenter who used to placed pink bathing trunks mentioned that this was the ‘laughter group’.

clip_image004While in the U.S. group, they went along with Trinidad and Tobago which hardly had battle with Guatemala that unfortunately in the end can’t filter behind an unstable process that included among other things to send to hell imported Honduran coaches.

Where it was really tricky was in the group of Mexico because Jamaica brought forces from the bowels of coconuts and in the last games began to rise threatening clip_image006to Honduras and Mexico who led the process.

In the end the glory was in Honduras that he defeated Mexico in the last game, leaving top of the group and although the Tri also passed to the next round is as bad as being left out … the pride in the selection is too high to have a 4 million’s coach for playing that little joke.

Some Mexicans mocked the glory of Honduras mentioning that for these, this was like winning the World Cup after seeing the video of the janitor who claims that the party ends … the ESPN’s mentioned that Mexico was also hurt as it would have lost the World Game.

What’s next

For now the teams are:

  1. México
  2. United States
  3. Honduras
  4. Costa Rica
  5. El Salvador
  6. Trinidad & Tobago

They must cross the hexagonal that will keep them occupied all next year, the best three will classify to the world cup while the fourth one will go to a play-off to South America. Here I leave the list of the first six of ten days that will be played.



-México is México

-United States … it’s hard for them to stay on the outside, although the economic crisis could be blamed for the goals that they will not get.

“The third place teams will be fight by the Central American, possibly Honduras and Costa Rica … unless Trinitecos (Trinidad y Tobago) make another of their witchcrafts.

So if Costa Rica is a third party, any of the other three will try to do their best going to the southern cone where there are not many opportunities waiting, because after the surprise of Paraguay, there will be left out traditional teams.

No way, we have to desperately wait (*)… ah, as we said last time, I bring the issue because it is part of the leisure that entertains us. And with the aware that discussions about football… are left for Yahoo Answers.


(*) A socar: This jargon means to wait with desperation in some hard situation

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