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First Look

The first look is a review done for a software or equipment with technical emphasis and supposing will be continued in other posts.

SkyTraq Launches Low-Cost Feature-Rich RTK Receiver

Low-Cost Feature-Rich RTK Receiver

SkyTraq Technology Inc., a fabless GNSS positioning technology company, introduces S2525F8-RTK, a low-cost, low-power, single frequency RTK receiver for applications requiring centimeter-level accuracy positioning. S2525F8-RTK is a multi-constellation GNSS RTK receiver that can use 12 GPS, 8 SBAS, 6 BDS, and 1 QZSS signal. In situations where RTK fix is not possible, a Float RTK

Bentley Map PowerView V8i, first impression

I have received a version of PowerView V8i Select Series 2 (version 8.11.07), the economic line in mapping area that Bentley hopes to exploit. At first there has been eliminated some of my doubts in the previous post when I showed the three lines of geospatial area for 2011. To begin with, rather than a

Ares, a CAD alternative for Linux and Mac

There haven’t been many aided design solutions that go beyond Windows. ArchiCAD had been rather lonely on the Mac, AutoCAD now has decided to enter this market, and Ares is another interesting alternative. Its name does not sound us like AutoCAD, with the shadow made by that P2P downloadable program and what remind us the

A look at gvSIG 1.10

After a few days of travel across gvSIG 1.9, my impatience for its version’s bugs and other perks, now I return to the gvSIG issue. Having not touched this software for a while have been productive for me, because opening this new version and compare it with the photograph that I had on that occasion

A look at the Mobile Mapper 100

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Ashtech recently launched its new equipment model, which was shown at the recent ESRI International Conference, its called Mobile Mapper 100, which is an evolution to the Mobile Mapper 6 characteristics but with above precision to the ProMark3. In essence, this is the

GPS Promark 3, first impression

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. I’ve taken out of the box these toys, in a week we will do training to see how it works. For now, I’ve barely seen the videos and some of its attributes. Promark 3 predecessors. In this same line, there previously were, and

A Look at ArcGIS 10

It has been mentioned that by June of 2010 will be available ArcGIS 10, which as we see will be a significant milestone recognizing ESRI level position in the geospatial field. Already in forums and other places it has been commented a lot, and surely from here to the User Conference in July, we’ll know

GvSIG: First impression

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Right now that I’m “forced” to join with gvSIG, here’s my first impression. Friendly. As I have been printing the 371 pages manual, I have formed the impression that this tool was made for AutoCAD and ArcView users. I awaited the ArcView similarity


翻译注:请在结束这篇文章读了一些意见。 眼下,我“被迫”参加的gvSIG,这里是我的第一印象。 友好。 正如我一直在打印371页的手册,我已经形成的印象,这个工具是为AutoCAD和ArcView的用户。 我期待已久的ArcView的相似与它的简单“视图,表,地图“,但与AutoCAD完全不同…轴承和距离的命名风格,我们都学会了与R12版本中使用@符号开始,虽然认为是过时的,实际测量的目的,当然建设技能是微乎其微的,但似乎远远不够。 这是应该汲取的歧管,其尴尬的方式“不想要到ArcView的样子”,其布局处理放在下面,并在右边的侧边栏,在后台仅仅局限于一个称为“学习的教育学概念是没有错的联想“……但不要告诉他们,他们的反应是一样的: “……一些工具使用的是过时的框架设计” Microstation的已经离开,一方面不想看起来像AutoCAD的热潮,带来,同时保持自己的风格,它是没有什么不好使酒吧像Windows用户那样。 虽然很久以前,应该增加了更实用 轴承和距离的条目在其资料输入像AutoCAD的风格…例如命名。 安装速度慢 安装绝对是伟大的,没有先决条件……作为Java的,唯一的问题是你是否要安装合适的虚拟机安装的版本。 当然,这需要时间,但不受阻碍地。 一旦安装完毕,它已经准备好使用好问题,它可能没有互联网的JVM准备安装吗? 好手册 虽然它不喜欢的风格,我宁愿一个快书,其中形成的前两章,然后其余的扩展能力是不坏手动说教,尤其是西班牙语。 当歧管的被问为什么他们并没有做正式的手册说,在线帮助是最好的方式,以保持向上到至今所有的变化,时间,避免在一个印刷手册,以增加每个许可证25美元,而它达到的邮箱已经是过时的……总之,让他们从主题…不坏是顽固的,但如果大家都Ĵ$ 有一个很好的工具,它是多方面的,但其支持洞穴的时尚一半是疯了……这是一个欢乐,有论坛。 我希望,我很佩服从该应用程序egeomates记得这么多,我们仍然是“客户”,“客户支付其牌照,”你不能告诉讽刺,如:“请不要浪费你的支持令牌……我们不希望到这里来的问题,是在自述……“啊,我忘了,他们不会说西班牙语的,所以它是通过翻录我在这种选择观众面前的衣服小的收益。 总之,我认为集成块是一个最好的商业地理信息系统软件解决方案,以低廉的价格……如果我是甲骨文,我会买它。 ……我喜欢的gvSIG,我们将看到我的恋情持续多少时间。 翻译注意: (*) TIRADO del PELO的译介:这是一些想法或行动时,使用的是相当疯狂的,所以你的想法是 一半在头发上拉