Finally back, and I’m going on again

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Well gentlemen, I have returned at last from the last tour of this year, this will be my last day at the office because I’ll be on vacation until Jan. 7 … yes; of course you’ll be surprised that on this side of the pond this is the vacation time.

It has ended the first training on the use of total station, which I told you the other day. There have been formed the first 8 technicians in a 6 days workshop, this is the methodology used:

Day 1 Day 2 Days 3, 4, 5 Day 6
– Theoretical knowledge

-Centering and Leveling the Sokkia SET 520K

-Country Survey and points of interest

-Installing the Software and data download

-Real Country-Survey

-Imaging and data download

-Planning of field work, income, formats, products and reports


Now it lacks to complete manual and validate the methodology because we missed some inputs such as more communication radio, cones and traffic jackets… and of course, buying insurance against robbery by default.

What is expected:

For today, dismissing a Gijon’s friend who accompanied us for nearly a year, and that I believe, I’ll miss.

Spending a good Christmas at my mother’s house, who has also returned to live in my town, after my father’s … left us.

A family trip to southern lands, eating curiles (*), fish head soup, dip in the beach with my children.

Ah … relax … I think, maybe today I’ll have time to write this blog.


(*) curiles: are black sea shells.

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