Farmville, the best of online games

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Zynga is a creator company of online games, most of them in real time. Zynga days ago already came with this, as I remember seeing one of these run on Yahoo and Spaces; but now it seems all its potential is mounted on the magic of Facebook with whom each day its integration is increasing.

Most Zynga games have the same logic, so let’s take a look at Farmville to amaze of the ingenuity of its creators.

1. Creativity. This is definitely the most interesting attraction of Farmville, which is mounted on a Flash application that work objects which grow in progressive steps with high quality graphics.

Farmville is not for everyone, but all those who find pleasure on it become obsessive, insomuch that should define criteria so as not to affect other activities. This is caused by Zynga through a creative genius who leave surprised – and envious-anyone who has tried to get advantage to businesses on online games.


Users with time going on, are finding tricks to grow, sacrificing between productivity, aesthetics, money saving, compulsive shopping and satisfaction of accomplishment … everything from a game.

3 Update. Farmville creators don’t last their talent, I get the impression that have two hairy guys with a couple of coffee cups and a single cannabis pure only for thinking (*) what news will be put every day to the play. So far in the last two months it has been seen developments such as:

Collaboration, in which multiple users can work together, obtaining in change some pretty red trucks and more money of course. clip_image002
The factory production, which gave back to the users’ apathy to buy products at nearby grocery stores, for much fuel and more money. Incidentally, recycle what is consumed in a wine factory, a spa or a bakery, each one with a gradual growth. clip_image003
The pigsty, to retrain surplus and send the pigs to find truffles. This is to improve the use of what is left and the required patience to see olive trees bear fruit. clip_image004
The growth of vehicles that can get to a garage, to extend their outreach capacity. So if you have fuel, it can be grown and harvested in a few clicks a farm of more than 500 plantations. clip_image005
The expansion of storage, through a hole that seems to have no limit to save all artifacts that remain and that give weigh to sell for 5 pesos. clip_image006

These are just some examples that arise from insurance statistics to search for users to leverage all the features of the games. The levels’ growths in some users which now are almost 80 have been in constant evolution. This creativity motivates both the new and the experienced user to get the pleasure of spending a lot of money in a big mansion and recover in a couple of days selling his factory and harvesting plantations of high value in the market.

And everything is a game…

It is an interesting example of creativity and interaction with users. They are constantly communicating bugs’ correction, which are often missing cows, synchronization errors or slow renovation process.

2. Profitability. Anyone who heard the Farmville business model on the table asked himself:

And what business is behind this business?

The game is very absorbent, so that for the desperate to move, changing a dollar for an amount of virtual bills with which you can lend to fly little planes and grow crops in one second is a real temptation. You can buy in packages from $ 1 up to 50, via credit card, PayPal or points’ redemption of some services.

The millions of users which daily use Farmville in Facebook sure make lots of clicks on right pane advertising. And if you play from, there are AdSense ads in the same location; with the advantage that there is more space and some tools that only from here can be given. There are also Farmville for mobiles.

The workflow at Zynga’s offices should be very interesting, from design and marketing department, where on a table are sketched the innovations, then Adobe Illustrator and Flash designers give pleasure to their wit, programmers of layer implementation … everything so cool.

3. Community. Farmville is popular, because users make it popular. There are people who have never seen in person, including not sympathetic before Facebook, but with the help of this game, have told me, have improved their perception’s differences.

An interesting example has been the causes, such as collecting school supplies for charity in Haiti. The campaign was based on the goal, which if managed 400.000 donations from users; Zynga would donate $ 100,000 to this project. In return the people redeemed their rewards for nice gifts that were placed in a strategic corner.

Here I leave you some examples of farms, some of them very showy, simple and neat. Others with little taste, but productive. At the time of writing the post, that is the level they had.

Level 84, until the machine hangs.  At detail’s level, everything is in place, although it must be stressful not having to store so many stuff (**).


Level 82, this is simple design, productive farm. If you approach, each section is a small space well accommodated. It has probably been hours and hours moving a fence to be happy.


Level 63. This is extremely heavy, and with some annoying dogs chasing you almost in slow motion. At close level of detail, it’s very pretty.


Level 54.  We call to this productivity. The center contained avatar makes you work faster and not be moving around the farm.


Level 53, There are here nice details and with brown background.


Level 47, this is not knowing what’s the use for a warehouse.


Level 29, this is what I want to see when I’ll be in level 70.


Level 22, There it goes…



(*) cranear: It’s a Spanish jargon of the verb to think.

(**) calache: This word in Spanish means the same as the word ‘trasto’. In English means stuff, pieces of junk.

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