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Failure cursor, Bentley V8i

I have already reached PowerMap V8i Select Series 1 ( which brings some interesting news.

PowerMap, like PowerCivil PowerDraft and do not occupy a MicroStation license, but it is included as a runtime for a price quite low compared with Map + Bentley Microstation. So it runs like an application developed by oneself on Microstation’s API with all features except that no other Bentley program will run on this as Geopak Descartes, and so on.

Among the most interesting new features there are changes made to the browser that looks much like a conventional tabular display but is more than that, because block attributes (grid editing) can be edited, searches are saved and other tasks (Spanish Idiom: “miquis”, all sort of peculiar tasks). It also looks interesting, but still does not prove, an alternative to assign attributes to objects without having to build them (Promote feature Method).

Among other new releases mentioned:

  • Union of tables (join), including xml structures in dgn
  • Split / merge polygons with option to inherit data
  • Topological analysis report. Now, the results of a cross layer or selection by attributes can be send as report and deploy in the Browser Data.
  • Labeling, based on annotation properties.
  • Conversion of dynamic labels to permanent annotations.

All these things are old in other GIS programs, but well, we welcome them.

An error has appeared to me at the entry:

Exception: Could not find file ‘C:WINDOWSCursorshcross.cur’.



For a moment I thought it was for not installing the prerequisites, because I had already installed V8i Microstation, but in doing so it only updated the XML Parser 6 from SP1 and DirectX 9c. So I end by believing it is a cursor type that I don’t have installed in my Windows.

To solve this, you just have to go to the C: WINDOWS Cursors folder and make a copy of one of the arrows in a cross, renaming it as hcross.cur


Usually, by this miserable reason the program would not let me activate the light. I’ll be playing to see if we lower the level of difficulty (Spanish idiom: “astralidad”, comes from astral) with a good tutorial step by step in a cultural heritage Cadastre integration program that has itch me (Spanish Idiom: “me trae picado”, keeps my attention) by days.


There I’ll tell you, it is likely that I resume the tools that had been developed for XFM in 2005 but for generic use.

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