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Migrate a geospatial platform 10 years after – Microstation Geographics – Oracle Spatial

This is a common challenge for many Cadastre or Cartography projects, which in the 2000- 2010 period integrated Microstation Geographics as a spatial data driver, considering reasons like the following: Arch-node management was and continues being highly practical, for cadastral The DGN is an attractive alternative, whereas its version in the same file, which has not changed in 15 years, ...

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Some 2009 Christmas cards

20 years ago, by this time I had cards’ collection under the pine tree which we literally cut (certainly, we were predators!), then we preserved cards in a trunk. Today, postcards are virtual objects; people leave them on their facebook, Hi5! or in their blogs. Here I leave some that I liked. This is from a friend of the regional ...

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Facebook, another way for waste our time?

For a while I could never find the Facebook business, and so far I have serious doubts about what I understood rightly. This social network has grown a lot, displacing Hi5! every day in the Spanish-speaking environment, but to be honest, after the first days of use I couldn’t understand what to do with that blue wall, for which Microsoft ...

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Topography, just images

This is the name given to a Facebook group in which its members are dedicated to send a lot of photographs and posters where appears or equipment or technical surveying. They have requested me authorization to use the photo where emerge girls trying to place a tripod; this is how I realized that there was a group. I invite you ...

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