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Facebook: videos for surveyors

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At giant steps Facebook is becoming a common tool for business and education. Being an “Internet of people” companies have become the first look at the people interconnected with each other, which has given it a value beyond the conventional network.

One of the best features is the ability to post videos, I love the ease of view them in high resolution and label them. This time I show an example of our interest about the use of CAD tools for the engineering, the best I’ve seen since I did a review of AUGI. It is from the Surveying student’s association of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD); that apparently with the brilliant idea of a person, rather than promote social fellowship sure will win adherents when sharing this quality materials that are mostly class practical works and others are responses to the AUGI community.


At this time there are over 30 videos with exercises explained step by step, mostly with audio and patience sometimes exaggerated in some of them.

Setting plots; it is in three parts with audio. Includes basic concepts such as the use of functions to convert degrees, minutes, seconds to radians and trigonometry. clip_image002
Calculation of hydraulic networks using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011. Very explicit showing losses in a piping system. clip_image003
Road’s design using High Roads, which is free software.

It’s in four sessions, and while the software is half-old, is still alive and is very capable. It is shown since the loading of cloud’s point, horizontal alignment, design of ground and plant labeling.

Analysis of surfaces in Civil 3D. This includes the identification of basins and slopes’ map. clip_image005
Analysis of data for preliminary study using Eagle Point and downloading elevations base in Google Earth’s csv using Zonum Digipoint. clip_image006
Road design using Civil 3D from a csv file. Includes the generation of surface horizontal layout and generation of the profile plant.

This is from the best; there are a total of 9 sessions that include the design of the typical section and corridor generation.


Other videos include:

  • Calculation of areas and bearing box using the HW tool
  • Creating surface using AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Creating surface using a DEM USGS
  • Extract COGO points from a corridor.
  • Preliminary roads’ design descending contour from Google Earth to Civil 3D.
  • Labelling of north and east coordinates every 20 meters
  • Recognizing contours generated in Civil 3D in Land Desktop.  Something similar is seen in another video to bring from Eagle Point to Civil 3D and DEM of Global Mapper to Civil 3D.
  • Civil 3D Animation using 3D Studio Max plugin.


The extra gift: (*)

If you think that Facebook is a wave for children who lie in their actual ages to be saying nonsense out of classes; you can review it because if you want to see videos you will need to register. There we are. Also for those things of life, which are today and not tomorrow, it isn’t bad to download videos.


(*) chascada. A Central American jargon which means ‘the extra’

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