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Facebook, another way for waste our time?

clip_image001[4]For a while I could never find the Facebook business, and so far I have serious doubts about what I understood rightly. This social network has grown a lot, displacing Hi5! every day in the Spanish-speaking environment, but to be honest, after the first days of use I couldn’t understand what to do with that blue wall, for which Microsoft paid 246 million to acquire a paltry 1.6% of shares.

Perhaps one of the reasons why Facebook has future, is because rather than being a simple social network to see friends’ pictures, is being used by companies to build their own networks; after it was released the API for various languages. So business is going towards access to the masses, although interaction with most 2.0 generation toys is still slow.

Find related networks are as simple as writing MicroStation or AutoCAD in the search form and will appear many communities, including some official ones, of major software makers. Although template pages are still raw, it is gradually emerging collective contributions, which promotes the use, incentive for business.

It is hoped that over time it will be able to land on the idea, already spoken on these days, focused on online operating systems concentrating most of actions we now do on the desktop, but that is far because of the dispersion between the built applications and the trivial uses still given to them. By now, knowing that many are putting their eyes on Facebook, those who have ability to do juggle with its API are trying to impress us with the intention of doing business with whom initially only enter for trying to follow (Spanish Idiom: “talonear” try to find someone’s tracks) school friends

clip_image001So still there is no business for users rather than attracting customers. But surely there are minds having a great hallucination (Spanish Idiom: “fumar de la verde”) for it.

Among the mashups developed for Facebook, the TripAdvisor travel map is an interesting application on the API of Google maps that display a destination map, you can place where you have been, where you plan to go and places we recommend as favorites.

You can also customize different presentation faces, such as NASA version, old maps, technological, among others.

If you want to know where they have been and will be your friends, you only need to enable the application to your Facebook account.

In conclusion, Facebook is a diffuse idea, but with great potential to steal us more time than that consumed with Hi5!, MySpace, Tuenti and 200 more.

If you think that Facebook is for young people, then check your gray hair because I can guarantee you that this business model will become a new trend that will evolve most functions now fulfilled by forums and blogs. So you better join it with time, lest won’t find us obsolete in Twitter.

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