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Extensions for ArcView 3 x

Although ArcView 3x is an archaic version, remains widely used so far mainly for desktop use, the shape file despite being a 16-bit file is still used by many programs. ArcView1One of the advantages that this generation found was the functionality to download extensions that put crutches to these versions weaknesses as the lack of topological control.

However we cannot deny that at that time was the best there existed popularized the trend in the management of geographic information and even large amount of programs that exist today are based on ArcView-driven features. Here is a list of some extensions provided by Jeff Jenness:

Free extensions for ArcView 3.x

ArcView Extensions for Vector Management

clip_image001 Alternate Animal Movement Routes, v. 2.1 Analyzes an animal potential movement route based on certain characteristics of the Habitat
clip_image001[1] Distance/Azimuth Tools, v. 1.6 These tools provide options to generate vector based on bearings and distances manually or in tabular form
clip_image001[2] Distance and Azimuth Matrix, v. 2.1 With this extension you can create objects tables of bearings and distances in array form and send them to different formats such as Excel or comma-separated text
clip_image001[3] Center of Mass, v. 1.b To find an object centroid.
clip_image001[4] Convex Hulls from Points, v. 1.23 Convert multiple objects to a convex mass with common characteristics
clip_image001[5] Distance/Azimuth between Matched Features, v. 2.1 Generates a bearings and distances table between objects that share common characteristics
clip_image002 Identify Features Within Distance Identifies objects located within a buffer or defined distance
clip_image001[6] Longest Straight Line, v. 1.3a Longest distance within an object
clip_image001[7] Nearest Features, v. 3.8b Nearest object within certain characteristics
clip_image001[8] Path, with Distances and Bearing, v. 3.2b Calculates the distance and bearing by creating a defined path between objects
clip_image001[9] Radiating Lines and Points v. 1.1 To create radial lines from a point
clip_image001[10] Random Point Generator v. 1.3 Generates random points within a defined RADIUS
clip_image002[1] Repeating Shapes Generates repetitive objects
clip_image001[11] Weighted Mean of Points v. 1.2c Regressions from points
clip_image001[12] 3D Weighted Mean of Points, v. 1.2a Regressions in 3 Dimensions
Extensions for analysis and management of digital terrain models Grid / Tin
clip_image001[13] Cohen’s Kappa and Classification Table Metrics 2.1a Classification based on Cohen’s Kappa method
clip_image001[14] Directional Slope Directional Slope Manual Generates maps of slopes
clip_image001[15] Grid and Theme Regression, 3.1e Regression Manual Regressions from mass points
clip_image001[16] Grid and Theme Projector v. 2 Projections management between themes and grids
clip_image001[17] Grid Tools (Jenness Enterprises) v. 1.7 Various tools to combine and analyze different grids
clip_image001[18] Mahalanobis Distances Mahalanobis Manual Different ways of using spatial analysis Mahalonobis methods
clip_image001[19] Surface Areas and Ratios from Elevation Grid Generates surfaces from grids
clip_image001[20] Surface Tools for Points, Lines and Polygons, v. 1.6a Generates surfaces from points and lines
clip_image001[21] Topographic Position Index (TPI) v. 1.3a Calculates Topographic Position Index and generates new resources for grids analysis

Other Extensions

clip_image001[22] ArcPress Exporter Export to ArcPress
clip_image001[23] Case-Sensitive Queries, v. 1.4 Provides better options for consultation to differentiate between uppercase and lowercase
clip_image003 Extension Loader Improves functionality to load extensions
clip_image001[24] Find Duplicate Shapes or Records Find duplicate data and objects
clip_image001[25] Line Direction Tool, v. 2.1 Shows the meaning in which lines were built
clip_image001[26] Script and Dialog Tools, v. 2.0015 Tools to build dialogues and script code
clip_image001[27] Dissolve Adjacent Polygons, v. 1.8a Dissolves adjacent polygons
clip_image001[28] Progress Meter – Dialog Creates a progress bar indicating the growth that has been in a process
clip_image001[29] Remove Z/M attributes from Shapes v. 1.1 Allows to remove Z and M attributes from objects
clip_image001[30] Split Multipart Features Operations with multipart figures associated with a same record
clip_image001[31] Split Shapefiles, v. 1.4 Separate objects by associating them to different records

Source: Jenness Enterprise