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Exploiting twitter: Be Inspired

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.

If my cousin had used twitter, the vocal cords of my aunt (RIP) would have better life.

Many things have changed in the way news is shouted. Life was simpler 35 years ago, after the second journey of classes,-because they were two– nothing matter, nor tasks, nor tests, nor the parents’ guardianship –not obsessed like today-. Our cousin Wil, by inertia rose from his home placed on the creek’s banks to spend the afternoon in our backyard, in an old game that did not have more science than throwing cashew nuts in a hole. Under the thick tamarind, the hours passed without anything to happen in that dusty yard. The one, who missed more seeds, will win more than others.


Was everything that occupied our friend to pick up his profit, shake the dust off his navel and throw downhill before Aunt Leda restart her second Wiiiiilllll! that in this second opportunity certainly will include a punishment.


Six years ago, email was the way to tell who had won an award at the Be Awards. We all hoped that John, with his official parsimony will notify that we were very close, that we were finalists; why not dream but do not despair that we won.

Now, in the 2010 Be Inspired, articles that brings the package are fairly common, though not all,similar:

  • A reprinted copy of “The Year in Infraestructure” which will be on my bookshelf for about ten years,
  • A thin screen pen with allusion, which will go to the library for my daughter for 5 years, while she becomes adolescent and send it back to the kitsch trunk,
  • A nice-looking (*) hardcover book not feel like scratching, I would like to save it for collection but my son will surely break in a week with impressive drawings,
  • A magazine with programming event disposed in three days.
  • And a flyer sheet that literally says:

Follow us on twitter




Yes sir, social networks have come to change the way we advise. Like the plaintive cry of my aunt when calling Wilfredo, the cordial greetings of Jeff Thurston announced in vector1 has sounded before the event starts. The representative of social media, “as they call him” will do the same with what guests magazines do, some with many years of transcendence, others are fans that have placed in our niche. Each laughter and tears from the Bentley brothers, sponsors, winners and even this input will sound in twitter.

To date I have come to understand half of Facebook’s business model, and more or less I imagine towards where it goes with its Internet’s people. It equal cost me chewing the business logic of feeding virtual stupid chickens. But understand twitter seems more complicated, we digest it when we see it working here, although in common sense nobody can imagine towards where will walk a service that the only thing that makes is this:




It’s just what my aunt did, hitting a cry, which was different from ours when we assert why my brother always did-and at the same time made– trap. But it worked, and similarly occurs with twitter, because science is not in the bizarre blue bird, but in the authority owned by who launch it. When Dell, Bentley, CNN, Univision and other large companies put a blue bird in the footer, we understand the potential of this microblogging’s service that came to make better use of @symbol and numeral #.

It is common now to mention the celebrities of this social environment with a ‘@’ before. Although a vast majority of twits! are useless warnings from mobile phones, with controversial problems(**), auto spam and people making noise for each gas they spring. And not only because of twitter but for the many which have come out like thew annoying Buz of Google!. But the twitter’s creator ingenuity will remain that: common sense of life applied to a short form that holds up to 140 characters. A simple twit! that becomes a scream when it’s done by a user with 50,000 followers.

So is this life changing, shocking entrance for those who one day used AutoCAD 11 on a 286 with black background and offensive orange letters. But so are these trends, unpredictable at its beginning and predictable in the end, as it will be the end of this post:

Here you can follow me on twitter.


(*) pintosa: this Spanish jargon has similar meaning like nice-looking

(**) chambre: this Spanish jargon has similar meaning like problem

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