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Everything is almost ready for 4th gvSIG Conferences


The period of the 4th gvSIG Conference registration is now open, organized by the Ministry of infrastructure and transport (CIT) of the Generalitat.

These will take place from December 3 to 5, 2008 at the Palacio de Congresos de Valencia, which this year will host the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) meeting, from December 1 to 5, and the Eclipse Day on December 2.

Registration is free but seating is limited and must be made through the existing form on the website of the conference (http://www.jornadasgvsig.gva.es/cas/boletindeinscripcion/ ).

Below I present Gaspar Peral invitation:

“In just four years the gvSIG Conference have become an international benchmark in the GIS world and Spatial Data Infrastructures. A meeting place where an increasing number of experts not only teaches us it is possible to offer professional solutions in these fields based on the free technologies integration but these technologies will eventually be better than traditional solutions based on proprietary models that do not allow access to knowledge.

Solutions are presented following faithfully international interoperability standards and also are more sustainable because it is important to remember, as many times as necessary, the use of open source technologies, those that allow us access to knowledge, are what will provide us the necessary independence that allows us to be free to define the evolution of our information systems, fundamental aspect of any organization.

The motto of this Conference is: gvSIG. Forward together. We remember that previous events were with the slogan Consolidate and Move Forward, in them the thought we established was as follows: gvSIG had grown significantly and very quickly, so it was time to bring order, to consolidate the growth so that it allowed us to move forward. Therefore, we are ready to move forward. Now our proposal is not to follow the path already marked, but among all build this new path. So that we meet us, we talk amongst ourselves, that we exchange ideas, opinions, etc. in order to move forward. But as the way we say in the motto of the day: moving forward together.

I cannot conclude without remembering that you can see that this year, during the gvSIG days are held two complementary events such as a meeting of the Technical Committee of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the holding of an Eclipse Day hosted by another flagship project of our Ministry project such as MOSKitt project.

Without more, I invite you to come these days to Valencia hoping that with the traditional friendliness of our city, the event can be rewarding and satisfying for you. “

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