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egeomates, the story of my life


More than 35 years ago (long ago), it was given to me the opportunity to participate in a very interesting contest. There was only one place to reach, and just who would do the best will take it. I remember having so many competitors as I have seen, many of them better trained, faster, smarter, more malicious and more even with better skills than me.

The fight was not short, the competition was arduous, I should had made a very long journey for my condition, my innocence could not be more naive to the professional and personal jealousy of the others. I remember having to break the barrier of fatigue and pain, gain strength which there weren’t while others had to leave or sit for a moment to take a break. Others took the wrong route; they lost their sense of smell, instinct. Others could not even be listening by me; they were crushed in the middle of the throng of the strongest.

Finally, summarizing how difficult it was, I had the chance to win.

This is the story of my life.

If I had the opportunity to win the first race of my life, when I just measured 6 microns, I had a primitive instinct and a tail much like the others. I must believe I can be able to have many more successes now that I have opportunity to decide, think, love, consult, trust.

Yes, it is the story of my life. and yours.

We are different, we believe in different rules, our customs and religious or philosophical beliefs differ diametrically. You love Windows, I hate it, I like to travel, some do not enjoy it, I love my children, and some of you do not want to have them. We suffer different, I from the keyboard, you from the monitor, I write and you read, I learn basics and you feel it childish.

But in something we are so similar; exactly the age of our life plus nine months ago we were winners.

We should live as such.

It is the story of your life.

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