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egeomates on the fly, January 2009

clip_image001Gentlemen, these days are with too much work and very few time to complete all tasks (Spanish Idiom: “estos dias son de correr” ), between the end of the operational plan for this year, pay off last year balances and socialize with mayors the scope of what it implies to set up cadastral values in a political year … whew!

Getting ready to replicate the Total Station course, by the way, when I see photos in the report like this I understand why so many almost cried because I left off the previous course.

In the meantime, here are some interesting links for those who enjoy good reading and high level philosophy (egeomates).

Good Smokes

clip_image002Stereowebmap, apparently stereoscopic vision on the web, very interesting, I’m still deeply analyzing (Spanish Idiom: “craneando”) how have they succeeded.

clip_image002[1]Geo without tangles,Spanish-language guide about PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MapServer, PHPMapScript written by Andres Herrera. By the way add to your reader this blog that has much interesting content

clip_image002[2] Teledetection Forum , an Oscar Arostegui initiative. We hope it may grow and does not bring him so many gray hairs being at the moderator side… that involves lots of patience with all kinds of users.

clip_image002[3]Ten predictions for 2009, interesting topic of what we might expect this year in geospatial.

clip_image002[4]Guatemala is making innovations, to have the first public park with free wireless Internet, we only have to think about security because for a thief is the perfect place for getting technological toys.

clip_image003What happens on the forums

clip_image003[1]AboutAutoCAD and other wicked softwares

clip_image003[2]About web mapping

  • Placeopedia, georeferenced wikipedia
  • Automating Google Earth cache
  • Google Transit in 50 cities
  • Inserting Open Street Map in a post

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