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TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.

There is much to be done, definitely much. Here I leave you the best of the last days in images that have left me interesting flavors.

Tonight is with the moon

and tomorrow with the sun

You asked me for parachicos (*)

Then I’ll give you parachicos

With my stick mask
my chinchin (**) I’ll sound for you
with my colored serape (***)
footdance I’ll make,

Little Mermaid, little mermaid that sails on the high seas

adore the Blessed

Sacrament of the Altar

clip_image002 I’m from Chiapas, from Chiapas

where all women

are brave are pretty

and praise to their inclinations.

When at the sound of the marimba (****),

accelerates my heartbeat,

even the ground vibrates

with my tenacious footdance.

upon completion January month

outbreak, magic, excitement

wake up with my beauty

to the chiapacorceño (*v) people

Get up icons of Chiapa de Corzo, with slight misspellings of the lightness of the year 2000 Governor.

The Sumidero Canyon. To feel insignificant, with River grown by storms in late 2010.

A guide told us that Chias’ Indians were launched from precipice to avoid being colonized. In the vertical walls vultures make their nests and owls in the horizontals’ and we on the fear that it will fall over us.

clip_image004 Impressive:

730.000 years old

Height 5450 m

25 miles in diameter base

Distance in the walls of the crater to 840 meters

Popocatepetl in Mexico City

On the right, a crocodile resting after lunch that certainly had been moved to 3 pm.

It is not equivalent, but worth the change of 27 hours’ of suffered travel, in a very short weekend.

Grateful with the Cricket and friends; Pame’s passes, jacarandas (**v), and other things that don’t fit here… but are important.

clip_image006 For the love of God, leave already aside Geographics Legacy. By now it already costs up to explain some things.

Choluteca will produce the best cartoonist comics…

clip_image007 clip_image008
Ohhh! A pepita with tasajo(***v) and Chiapas’ Pozol (****v).
The best of Botana (****v). With phrases on the wall. Just two UTM zones; it was necessary many explanations to understand them. One of them says:

”El que deja de chupar, se le amampa(**vv) el alma”

“Whoever stops sucking, his soul will get gay(**vv)”

TIGO Modem with roaming almost anywhere. And a sovereign Pita.

I see further explanations unnecessary.


(*) Parachico: This is the name assigned to a dance original from a town call Chiapa de Corzo in Mexico. On November 2010 UNESCO assigned this typical dance the condition of Immaterial Legacy. In this dance, men wear mask and colored dress.

(**) Chinchin: This word intends to reproduce the sound made by an instrument the parachico hold in his hand while he is dancing. The name of this instrument in some countries is known as ‘maraca’.

(***) Serape: a long brightly colored shawl; worn mainly by Mexican men

(****) Marimba: this is the name of a musical instrument.

(*v) Chiapacorceño: this is word used as a tribal for the people of town of Chiapas de Corzo (commonly known as Chiapas)

(**v) Jacaranda: is the name of a popular subtropical tree original from South America that has very beautiful blue flowers.

(***v) Pepita with Tasajo: A typical Chiapa’s dish. ‘Tasajo’ is the name of a stew made with dry meat and ‘Pepita’ is a kind of salsa made with pumpkin’s seeds (‘pepas’).

(****v) Botana: Botana is a name assigned to a variety of meals served as buffet.

(**vv) amampa: In this Mexican zone, ‘mampa’ is a word which meaning is ‘gay’ and ‘amampa’ is a ‘verb’ used to allude when some man lose his manliness

(**vvv) pita: This dish is kindly shown in the photo. Are explanations necessary in this case?

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