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egeomate is a magazine specialized in geospatial themes, specially in the training of CAD / CAM / CAE / GIS tools

Be Inspired 2009 winners

This is the first release in the Be Inspired format, of what once were the Bentley Empowered (BE Awards). From thematic axes they have become to best practices, focusing more on the relevance of the process itself. Bentley has already issued the formal list of winners; I will put my efforts in nothing more than

Nothing spatial ArcGuments

The matter is that the first time I saw you, the impression I took was that the plot of your style was outside my reach; maybe because the first version I saw was very clearly arranged to your style; so, since those days I got thinking that it was geopdf. Then, I mistook with the

Generic web publishing tool for municipal mapping

This is a great work of Miguel Álvarez Úbeda, a final project to obtain Master of Science degree from La Coruña University. The objective of this project has been to propose a solution to the municipalities and communes, with which it can be done the storage, management and publication of cartographic information and others (not

KML Manager, too much for 12 Euros

Small solutions always caught my attention; I think that if they don’t exceed $ 50 and solve what a great program doesn’t, they should be lucky. Today I want to show you KML Manager, a tool that just goes by 12.95 euros, it weighs less than 1 MB but let’s see what is within this

A standard model for the cadastre

This name has a paper presented at the Third ISDE Congress held in the Czech Republic in 2003. The authors, all of the ITC and the Geodesy Department of the technology Delft University, of the Netherlands. Although the link I show (in English) has some additional adjustments Christiaan Lemmen Paul Van Der Molen Peter Van

The data in the cadastre

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. The multipurpose criterion in the cadastre is highly questionable; the reason is not its utility but also the data sustainability. If we made a extreme exercise (as well as capon’s cock (*) :)), it might be that “all” the data are useful sooner

What did you do 715 days ago?

I wrote my first post And almost everything, for getting you interested in this advertisement on the left. … I said almost everything; knowing that you read me every week is another reason. … knowing that you endure me is another. … knowing that this blog has been helpful to you is the best reason.

Geographics tools adapted in Bentley map

Already several days ago I had been speaking of BentleyMap, we recently considered the data migration and the ability to automate the process, in this case we are going to show an example of customization of Geographics tools I had and that was needed when we started to operate xfm. Before Bentley Map’s left, in

egeomates, temporary passions

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. My life has been a collection of small moments that as running scripts end up every sequence all over 35, according to the simple count of the shell in use. At this time, like any man I had had passions by some facets

Neural networks, the best of Bolivia

The return of Bolivia was tired, 22 hours and most complicated was to be at the last level stuck at Comalapa airport, El Salvador before coming to my boot’s country. It was a one fatigued week, hours of work from 8 to 5 seated almost all day, much food, but also much learning. Almost everyone

Hazards of egeomate’s translation

My esteemed friends, I’ve got to find a person who is doing the Geofumadas’ translation to the space that has now been defined as egeomate, this is the English version of this space. I received and I continue receiving interesting proposals, from heaven to hell in prices though the decision has been taken not only