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egeomate, new year, new face

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post to know more about Centro American Dishes and drinks.

At the end of the holiday, at the rhythm of tamales and a king’s cake (*) in advance, I had time to see very cool friends.

I am referring to the Blogos, with whom I’ve been speaking, while enjoying morro’s refresh, coffe sherbet and tamales pisques(**), about one of this 2009 projects, a gallery of images to take advantage of the thousands of photos left by my old clip_image001Olympus… and dropping something of native art in what we’ll call poetry postcard.

By the way, the Bloga has taken her time (47 minutes) to make me an image editing work for Geofumadas blog. So here I show you a preview of the new look for the 2009 blog image.

clip_image002The character

It is based on an English translation made by a hallucinated (smoked) in an interview last year in Baltimore, he called the blog “geo-smoke” evoking these signal fires with which the Indians were connected and that was one of their greatest achievements in telecommunications.

It was not precisely my initially thought when I gave the name Geofumadas, but I liked it and at the end we forced it to fit.

The Colors

More colorful than the previous design based on toast Sienna tones, always maintaining the same WordPress primitive template. These people are really dangerous with a couple of markers, Corel Draw and a bottle of eggnog(***)… Indeed, they are great.

The iconography

clip_image003clip_image004clip_image005Some of the rush of the Bloga has left me an icons collection that will give identity to certain themes.

The content

clip_image006 clip_image007One of the Bloga’s recommendations was the integration of a new template… but that gets me something scary because it is not only to integrate something for WordPress but for MU that is managed by Cartesians so for now only we’ll work in content indexes to access global issues in a single entry.


A couple of battles with a Google Chrome error in uploading files to cpanel command:

Error 2 (net::ERR_FAILED): Unknown error.

Finally, doing it with Mozilla I have achieved to solve it. I think that it is a problem with the frames handling after the files uploading.


(*) King’s cake: its original name in Spanish is “rosca de reyes” which shape is similar to a donought and its name sounds like “king’s ring” in English. This is a traditional biscuit or cake prepared on January 6th to celebrate the Three Magicians Kings visit to Jesus.

(**) Tamales Pisques: The ‘tamal’ is a traditional preparation in Central America. Its main ingredient is corn and the word “pisque” means that corn is cooked with ash in order to get its typical flavor.


Morro’s refresh: the ‘morro’ is a fruit that grows in tropical zones, its husk is dry and solid and its pulp is not recommended for eating. The refresh, also called ‘orchata’ is made with the seeds of the plant.

Coffee sherbes: its original name in Spanish is “granita de café”. It is a light and refreshing preparation composed basically by fruit juice and has a grain texture. In this case the sherbet has coffee as its main ingredient.

(***) Bottle of eggnog: This liquor mainly known as “rompope”. Some of its ingredients are: sugar, milk, clear brandy, cinnamon, water and nearly 18 egg yolks!

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