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egeomate, my private life

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.

clip_image001I was recently in a media communication interview, who wanted to know how is the way of life of a blogger who spends two hours of the night to write for a nearly anonymous world. It was easy to talk about it, but then he went on to ask a question that seemed intentionally wrong:

-Well, now let us talk about your private life

Perhaps I heard somewhere the answer, but it came out very normal:

-Do you understand what you are saying? If I tell you, it will cease to be private.

The question sounded sickly, so the answer in that way. But then he began to ask the same thing in a professional way, asking for my family, my children, my hobbies and we got to talk like people. In the end I had the feeling that he hoped to be told that at night I wore a wolf mask and went through the streets to scare … I get the impression that some people after reading Sherlock Holmes novels are still waiting to find a underworld hidden behind the normal life of people. So I’ll take a while to change the OGC standards deep subject for releasing the knot that I’ve felt right in the moment of the liver’s inertia.

15 years ago, life was simpler, and those of us who wanted to write, did it for the school newsletter, our friends were as close as a cry away; if we wanted to find more distant relationships we did it in Popular Mechanics philatelic section, our leisure was re-reading Tintin, Kaliman, Obelix and Asterix comics or go up the mountain to see what lays beyond; our highest aspirations were to leave the world and see what people do to succeed elsewhere.

There were no Nintendo Wii, just Arcade games in the corner, half of the today’s existing words did not exist in our vocabulary: blogger, wordpress, tweeter, clip_image002Facebook, hi5!, http, @ gmail, adsense, workspace, cartesia… much less egeomates.

That changed with the lifestyle we choose, in my case, half of my time is employed in travel, fight with mayors and technical explaining them why they should upgrade their paper procedures without forgetting to scan the printed format. Then, friends became nocturne behind social networking, half of those college and university colleagues who were favored by technology and a stack of friends as an @ result. Our weekends are resigned to our family, closest friends and the pleasure of continue reading two books at a time with these old doctrines of the fluorescent marker and glued postscript.

I stopped writing fiction, short stories and novels, from which I published two books before having egeomates. I left a couple of local initiatives, after I got convinced that there weren’t more visitors in Central America, I left the classroom where I taught an exorcist version of AutoCAD and Microstation, and I regained some of my old manuals for recycling them in this space. Here we share news, exercises, smokes and occasionally do a small version of the Holy Inquisition to try trading platforms that feed us but who do not meet our particular whims.

But I’m still me, facing a more international environment, with Spanish readers, Mexicans, Argentines and the rest of the Hispanic world with the complicity of Google / search / reader / adwords or a select group that every three days, write that word in Google to see if there are any interesting smoke. I am aware that personal opinions are diametrically parallel as we cross a false UTM, so I hardly allowed to talk about football from time to time, what I would never do with issues of politics, religion and lifestyle, and finally we understand each other in this pseudo Geospatial language from which I don’t domain its fourth dimension so I must be simplistic to not screw up.

After two months of reading me, probably starts the shocking part between the reader and the writer, knowing that a percentage of the jargon he types that sounds from another planet. We understand the simple words: .jsp, shx, ims, prj, mxd, dgn, dwg, kmz, tab … but it’s difficult to understand that beyond this language we share there are the words of the writer’s particular environment. So it sounds strange (***) “pirueta”, “blasfemo”, “de cañas”, “j*der”, “vale”, “chanfle”, “venga”, “cheque”, “macanudo”, “macizo”, “furular” “destrompar”, “chivísimo”, “cabal”, “de miedo” and others that I have adopted from my South American friends and the mainland ones… more than one offensive to public morals without reprojection into geographic coordinates.

Therefore, although it is not our biography in the pages of the blog, after months we understood the writer’s personality … we learn to forgive his personal side, his travels, his mood, his irony, smokes and his resentments with Megaman X. The blog was in Spanish called egeomates, but I’m still an ordinary and common human who looks Analytics statistics, blogging on Live writer, follow the mail on mobile also has two technology children by inheritance dreamers by custom, which get two new gray hair every three days, and enough laughter to not resent when they reach adolescence.


More than a little of a year after I recognize that this blog has changed an area of my life, it’s for it I have met good friends, faithful critical and also because of being more talkative than instructor I enjoyed from a Starbuck in Baltimore, a Paceña (beer) in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, discern an ash coup in Gijon, until a couple of pupusas (*) in San Salvador. All of them taste the same, like guffaws in native format.


Like many things in my life that have not been forever, I have absolutely no idea how egeomates will last and whether it exceed the semantic web than can find us obsolete.

At the end of the story I realize that there is no privacy, the public of my weekend with the guys at Burger King’s is private for the blog, viewable on my land, after all we are what we are, and the most we can tend is to be natural. In the meantime, I send you a greeting, thank you for honestly comments … to reach the end of a very personal post, also to be read in anonymity.


(***) Only for this time, our editor, Mr G! agree with us to explain in his words the meaning of the jargon mentioned in one paragraph above. So, here it comes:

“pirueta”: means ‘acrobatics’ it’s used in Honduras

“blasfemo”: is a phrase used to indicate ‘ message with no relevance’ or ‘vague message’

“de cañas”: is going with friends to a party

“j*der”: is ‘joder’ (fuck) it’s used in Spain when you allude to surprise

“vale”: is equivalent on saying ‘I agree with’. It’ used in Mexico. The meaning is the same with ‘venga’ in Spain, ‘cheque’ in Honduras, ‘cabal’ in El Salvador

“chanfle”: means the same as j*der, but in Mexico means more or less the same as ‘caramba’

“macanudo”,”macizo”,”de miedo”: means amazing, gorgeous, the best.

“furular”: means to function, it’s used in El Salvador

“destrompar”: it’s the opposite as function, it’s used in El Salvador when something breaks down or decomposes.

“chivísimo”: means excellent, it’s used in Guatemala

(*) pupusa: Is a typical dish from El Salvador. It’s made with potato. There are different kinds of pupusas depending of the type of filled.

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