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Directions Magazine now in Spanish

clip_image001With great pleasure we received the news that Directions Magazine has launched on February 2 its Directionsmag.es Spanish-language version. This undoubtedly represents an important step and recognition to the degree of growth that has taken the geospatial field in the Hispanic readers’ world.

Some of the contents are translations of English/French version but also offer own material related to the tego technologies market in Spain and Latin America. As announced in the press release, its focus is on various industry sectors and geospatial technologies as GIS, localization, cartography, CAD, remote sensing, Web services, Business Intelligence (BI) and related applications.

The Executive management of the Spanish portal is led by Alberto Santos, and the strategic partners are nothing less than:

One of the interesting developments, unlike the English version is the blog section, where they have placed as reference points for now:

Additionally there is room for opening jobs, events and even to publish articles for those who like to egeomate with 105 fingers. So welcome to this new media portal, and as a sample these are some of its first articles:

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