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Designing a Solar Plant with AutoCAD Civil 3D

It has been announced a webcast where we can learn about AutoCAD Civil 3D’s applications to solar plants.  This will be on March 26, 2009 at noon (12:00 or 13:00 hours, according to Madrid time, I guess). The webcast content includes:


  • The creation of a digital terrain model (MDT).
  • An MDT analysis using longitudinal and transversal profiles
  • An MDT edition for achieving desired conditions.
  • The necessary ground movements and the final result.

Podcast usage is being increasingly used because professionals can view the presentation, consult and comment about it in “real-time” (or nearest it), without leaving the office.  Other software companies have changed its annual conferences to this method getting many advantages such as: saving costs, gaining more audience and allowing a more easy way for those who are really interested and could not attend a face-to-face event.  Although the limiting of broadband access is a problem that still affects hearings; however it seems a problem easier to solve instead of attending an international event.

So let’s take part of it, we only require a phone number and Internet access.

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