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… Days I do not want to end…

In a weekend disconnected from Farmville’s chickens, from the tasks that never end, the wreaths to be hung on the wall…

Although the political crisis, we all want to eventually pass the bad taste.

Dog nearly rendered. It looks like one called Fido that my brother gave as a male for 8 years although it was female and had 13.
The other side of the world. Perhaps my last trip to this remote place from where I remember very well the roast and beautiful weather. Curiously, the picture of the story “Only two years” is just from this park.
Well they certainly liked the dog, a pity we have to return it tomorrow.
clip_image006At 17 months from the coup followed by a constitutional replacement, nothing is clear yet.

If there is something good that we can win with this is to make a serious wound on bipartisanship.

But after seeing the evolution of the Farabundo Marti in the 70’s, everything can happen … unified as it has been done by the resistance took 10 years, breaking with the Civil War took them one week. In the photo, the old man picks up park’s trash, it seems to be doing it in secret from the military who are in the background.

It remains to this political crisis a year of divisions, betrayals and flight of people who are on that side by special interests.

It also occupies the coup’s context no longer be an excuse to be in resistance and to the interest of reducing the impunity, corruption and others (many) evils …In comparison with revolutions I’ve seen elsewhere, the Catholic Church maintains a contrary position and the teachers’ union is an elite with many interests to look after.

It is also necessary to earn the trust of people who do not find grace to graffiti on the walls and to extreme positions without proposal.

In the meantime … the day’s food is whether Colonel Aureliano returns home after Neerlandia’s pact.

Hen soup … there will be time to egeomate to the sublime. For now, I enjoy these creatures, lest they grow up and I do not account till they call me grandpa.

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