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Cut a bite in 6 steps


I need to cut a piece of a map that contains text, lines, shapes and hatched.

I need the bite is going to a separate file, but keep hatch patterns, not that it ungroup them.

At the time I need to keep the layers and properties.

clip_image004What I have is Microstation in this moment.

Let’s see how to do it in 6 steps.

1. Choose the fence command

2. Define the object type, so I tell the fence that will be clip_image006from an object, for doing this I touch the circle

3. Define the cut type, select “clip”

4. Select the send the fence command to a file by typing the “fence file” command in the “key in”

5. Choose the file destination and its name in the browser window that I get.

6. Click on the screen.

It’s ready when you open the file it gets me this way.

Do you have any ideas of how to do it with AutoCAD? I understand that it would be used the Trim, but how do I choose to remove everything what is out and send it to a separate file?

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