Convert degrees / minutes / seconds to decimals

Some time ago I’ve been ask for this, and in view the friend seems a little rushed and today is a day to celebrate many things, here I leave one tool that allows you to move from degrees/minutes/seconds to decimals.

Why a table

It is common, finding coordinates that are in degrees- minutes- seconds format, for example:

75° 25’ 23.72” N       45° 59’ 12” W

N means it is a latitude 75 degrees above the equator, if I have S, it would mean that it is in the southern hemisphere. In the case of the lengths it will be E or W, depending on whether they are to the East or West of Greenwich mean time

Programs such as Google Earth and ArcGIS require that these values be in decimal format, such as:



The latitude, if it’s placed below the Equator would be negative, and the same will happen with the longitudes, which would be negative for the Western Hemisphere. I recommend understanding it; play a bit with Google Earth, changing the display options of UTM, Geographical, with and without decimals.


How the table operates

Always using the table provided by Gabriel Ortiz, who had arranged for converting geographic coordinates to UTM, displaying a column where they are shown in decimal format.


  • You can choose the spheroid in the top tab.
  • clip_image003 The yellow columns are for entering data, in the first column accepts a number to identify the point.
  • To the right of each value is the latitude and longitude as decimal without rounding, with its respective negative symbol when appropriate.
  • The Orange column contains data concatenated with the point number, latitude and longitude.
  • In the header of this column, you can enter the number of decimal places we hope will round the concatenation. Be careful! Rounding decimals from Geographic coordinates can lead to large errors

Send to txt

To send them to a txt file, you just have to open a new file, copy the orange column data and paste them there.

Then this file can be loaded from Google Earth, indicating the order, just as I explained in that post.

Of course, the Datum must be in WGS84 for not falling into the other side. There have always been the columns to convert to UTM and concatenate for AutoCAD, as it was the original version of this table.

From here you can download the template


[paiddownloads id=”2″]

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